Are Seaward the Best PAT Testers?

Are Seaward the Best PAT Testers?

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Many companies rely on a safe and secure form of PAT testing to keep up with health and safety legislation’s. Companies like social care companies have to adhere to strict guidelines where they carry out PAT tests yearly. Whether they do it in house, or hire someone out, they will need an incredibly reliable method of testing.

Who are Seaward

Seaward, based in county Durham are one of the leading manufacturers of electrical safety test equipment. They pride themselves on fully understanding the practical requirements of today’s testing. Seaward provide a full range of equipment, from the hardware to the software, so that you can cover all of your PAT testing needs with them using equipment that matches up to each other.

Why choose a Seaward PAT tester?

Seaward PAT testers are well known in the market for being sturdy and accurate. They are incredibly efficient and mobile which means you can take them around with you if you need to visit multiple sites to carry out PAT testing. Many of the Seaward PAT testers are multi-functional, with built in risk assessment tools as well as standard PAT testing. Another function that speeds up work flow for Seward PAT testers is a camera with flash, so that you can get visual evidence where needed. This is incredibly important to companies that rely on PAT testing being carried out yearly to pass health and safety audits. Another positive to purchasing a PAT tester through Seaward is that they sell them individually but also in bundles with other products you may need. Their range covers the most basic to the most advanced of PAT testers, which also ensures customers do not need to spend unnecessary money.

What should I consider when choosing a PAT testing machine?

There are many things you need to consider when you are going to chose a PAT testing machine, so when you look at the Seaward product range, you may want to consider the following:

What type of PAT test are you going to carry out?

Are you going to be earth bond testing or insulation testing? You need to consider this, and also if you are going to be doing to do other tests as well, as many of the Seaward PAT testers have the facility to do other tests.

Where are you testing?

If you are buying a PAT testing machine to test in one place, then mobility isn’t a problem. However, many people who need to PAT test will be doing so before they work for a buildings or facilities company and have to visit multiple sites. Having a large bulky PAT tester can weigh down your toolbox significantly, so if you do need to travel you will need to look for the more mobile options. You will also need to look into how they are powered, as a battery operated tester will need charging and have limited power.

What else do you need with it?

If you are PAT testing on a large scale, or have maybe set up your own PAT testing business, then you will need to get a starter kit which includes both the PAT tester and the software. Most starter kits will also give you the labels you need to use to write on the date of the PAT test. These can be incredibly handy if you are starting your first PAT testing venture, and Seaward have a large number of PAT testing starter kits that are inexpensive.