All You Need To Know About Ventless Fireplaces

All You Need To Know About Ventless Fireplaces

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In addition to the fact that there will not be any squirrels getting caught in the chimney, one of the best reasons to purchase a ventless fireplace is that they are 99% efficient.

What does this mean?

A ventless fireplace is 99% efficient because there is no need for a vent or flue. This means that all the heat generated by the fireplace will head directly into the room instead of up the chimney spout. According to the Patio and Heart Association, the ventless fireplace presents with a much higher level of efficiency as compared to vented fireplace units who have only 70% to 85% efficiency.

What about the installation?

A second advantage to purchasing the ventless fireplace is that they are very easy to install. Instead of cutting away the wall to create a vent for a fireplace, all you need to do is choose either a propane or electric fireplace and position it anywhere in the room. This is a far simpler type of installation as compared to the traditional wood or gas style fireplace options. You do not have to deal with the hassle of cutting into the wall or roof and handling extra expense or structural problems.

The ventless fireplace can be considered to be the wood pile fireplace alternative, but it is far more beneficial. Unlike a wood pile option, there are no messy piles of wood to store or stack when using a ventless fireplace.

I was raised in Maine and we used a woodstove to heat the downstairs living area. This meant that each fall I needed to haul and stack three cords of wood. The cost of this was always exceeding $1,000 dependent on the type and quality of the wood. I remember how my sweat would attract hundreds of black flies and how spiders would scurry across the floor after crawling from the wood pile. Using a ventless fireplace, there is no need for wood; therefore, there is no sweat or bugs from transporting the wood indoors. It is only convenient warmth when required – this is bliss.

Ventless fireplaces are available in three types of designs: electric, propane or natural gas like these from Wall Fireplace Pros. Regardless of the design chosen all you would need to do is turn on the fireplace – no need to gather kindling, newspaper, adjust airflow in the fireplace or strike a match. No smoke or fumes make it easy to use and removes the need to clean up after using the fireplace.

As is mentioned above, a ventless fireplace is highly efficient and this will contribute to reducing the cost of energy bills. The fireplace utilizes the supplemental heating method to achieve high efficiency by merely warming the room it is placed in rather than the full house, which is a waste of energy.

It should also be noted that the ventless fireplace can create moisture. If the residence is dry during the winter months, the extra moisture can be highly beneficial. The amount of water produced by the ventless fireplace can be approximately 4.8 gallons in the air within 24 hours of being turned on. This is using a natural gas heater in a dry climate; however, if you live in a moist climate you may wish to take this natural air moisture into account.

All Procom ventless fireplaces have an oxygen detection sensor which ensures safety during use. The sensor ensures that the fireplace will be turned off when oxygen levels fall and the gas supply will be shut off.


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