All That You Need to Know about Masonry Blocks and Their Uses

All That You Need to Know about Masonry Blocks and Their Uses

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Hollow block is a masonry unit that is made of concrete. It is sometimes stated as a:

  • Foundation block
  • Cement block
  • Concrete block

These are used and highly important materials especially in the industry of construction industryand this brick is at times described as rectangular and large.

Concrete block

Concrete blocks are often referred to as “cinder blocks” as well as cement blocks, and they come in an assortment of sizes and shapes. They are usually made of a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water. When this mixture is wet, it is like plastic and can be form into the block. When dries, it is hardened until it becomes a stone. Generally, there are two types of concrete block –solid blocks and hollow blocks.

Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks have one or even more cores that are hollow. The cores reduce the over-all cross-sectional of the block by about 25 percent. Usually, these hollow-core concrete block are more than 50% solid. A hollow concrete block comes in half and full sizes. Full size block is rectangular and has two cores. Half size block is cubical and one core.

Solid Blocks

Contrary to what the name indicates, a solid block of concrete is not solid. They just don’t have as much hollow as the blocks that are usually called “hollow”. Bricks that are solid blocks have holes of cores that take up less than 25 percent of the cross-sectional area of these blocks.

Fully Solid Blocks

Some solid concrete blocks are solid. Some of these are called “stackable stones”, while some are referred to “paving blocks”. Stackable stone have two sides that are made irregular and rough to mimic the appearance of stones that are natural. The other 4 sides are flat and square to each other. They are used to construct strong walls that look like stone. But at the same time, natural stone is at time irregular and hard to fit together. Blocks for paving are regular and flat, made to be put together like tiles to arrange paths.

Use for Hollow blocks

Hollow blocks are mostly used in building structures like boundary fences. The reduced amount of concrete used to make each block add up to a significant savings in the cost of materials for the entire project. The weight is lighter weight also making them easier to lift. The cores that are hollow give enough room to place any reinforcing material like bars of steel if the project needs reinforcing. Often electrical conduits and water pipes are running in and out of them. Blocks that are fully solid are used for paving as well as other ventures where holes might be dangerous or inconvenient. Solid blocks are also holding more mortar between them than their hollow counterparts.

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