All about the religious candles

All about the religious candles

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In almost every religion, 7 is considered as a very important number and plays a very significance role in life. 7 is considered as important because there are 7 colors in rainbow, 7 day in a week, there is also a 7 musical note and others. In the same it is also belief that each color plays a very important role in life that’s why people make use of the 7 day candles.

This candle comes in a long stick in which there are 7 different colors. And each color plays a different role in life. However, there are candles available which contain only a single color so that you can purchase as per your need.

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Color and significance

Pink – it is a color of clean living, enhance your love life and fill you with a feeling of romance.

Purple – this color makes you a master of any kind of situation that means you can handle any type of situation very easily.

Blue – it is a color of harmony and provides a peaceful atmosphere to your house.

Orange – it is a color that shows you the right path when you are in a trouble and it is also the belief that what your dream can also become true.

Santeria candles

Santeria candles can approve a very important spiritual candle against all the evil. This is a very strong candle that not only remove the negative energy and effect of evil from your home and your life but it can also use as a protection as it provides a very strong shield that protects you from any evil effects and negativity.

All these spiritual candles come mostly in jar and made up of 100% pure paraffin. Paraffin is use because it has a very high melting point. So that the candle can remain lighten up for more than five days.  

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