All about rekeying your locks

All about rekeying your locks

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So many have heard of ‘rekeying’ many times. Some even find it strange to rekey a lock. ‘Why not just change it totally? Is it safe?’

These and more questions are the reasons we have written this article.

Rekeying a lock simply means changing the key that opens the lock while retaining the lock mechanism and other properties. Basically the only thing changed is the key but is not the same as simple key replacement.

It is one of the many services that locksmiths offer. Before rekeying, a qualified locksmith would examine the lock properly to make sure that it is still in good working order, otherwise, a total change would be advised.

One of the advantages of rekeying is that it is cost efficient since you do not have to replace the whole lock and yes, it is perfectly safe!

Reasons to rekey:

  1. You just moved: Probably you just moved to a new area and were given a new lock and keys to the house. You might not be so comfortable, since someone else might have an extra. To get the added assurance, you can just rekey the lock instead of changing the entire lock itself. This way, you can go to work knowing no one has extra keys  to your apartment
  2. You lost your key: This happens to all of us at one point or the other. You do not know who now has your key. Just to eliminate all doubts, you can just rekey.
  3. You have numerous keys: Instead of carrying bunches of keys – someone said sometimes they sound like tambourines-you could just match all your locks to one same key. This removes the burden of carrying a lot of keys all around. However, to do this, I would advise you have a spare of this key in a different location, so that you do not end up locking yourself out of your car, your office and your house all at once if you misplace the key.
  4. Change of personnel: Perhaps you fired a staff and you do not want them to still have access to the place of work. All you have to do is rekey.
  5. A break-in: A break-in attempt might have been made on your apartment . The locks might still look untampered, but it is probably best you invited a locksmith to come rekey. At least that gives a better and secure option. Again, there might even be break ins in the area. You never know, your place might be a target too. Rekeying could also be  way to ward off unwanted guests.
  6. A previous Master Key system: You might have been operating a master key system where potentially many people had access to your locks. Rekeying would eliminate this totally and give you total control over the locks.
  7. Life changes:  Perhaps an angry roommate left, a separation or divorce and you do not want someone getting access to your apartment. Rekeying could be a very cost effective and efficient solution. This also helps to ensure your safety

Make sure it is a qualified locksmith that examines and rekeys your property. This way you are assured that you are well taken care of.

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