Add Pops Of Color To Any Space

Add Pops Of Color To Any Space

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Color plays an important role in our lives, especially our home decor. Different colors create different emotions and moods. Selecting the right colored accents will come together to create a comfortable, beautiful space that you love spending time in and sharing with family and friends. Walls and floors that are neutral shades of white, gray, or cream or even rich shades of red, green and yellow create a blank canvas for you to fill with colorful home accents. Here are some easy and effective ways to add a pop of color to any space.

1. Textured Accent Rugs: The floor is the foundation of a well-designed room so step it up with some colorful accent rugs! They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and price points. Area rugs not only look great and can be easily changed whenever you like, they help disguise debris, scratches and even an old stain or two. Use multiple sizes of the same style or mix and match styles, patterns and colors.

2. Coffee Tables, Accent Chairs, and Plant Stands: One or two perfectly placed colorful accents can create an eye-catching focal point and instantly update the personality of a room. For example, a sunny yellow plant stand showcasing a gorgeous plant, a ruby red painted chair next to the hearth or a glossy green coffee table displaying the latest magazines creates drama and colorful design.

3. Colorful Accents: Beautiful design is in the colorful eye of the beholder. There is only one rule when it comes to adding colorful accents to your home. Surround yourself with home accents you love and have personal meaning to you. They don’t have to match perfectly. For example, a pair of antique art glass lamps handed down through the generations, a “shades of blue” bottle, and book collection, or even an eclectic grouping of different picture frames full of your happy memories are all ways to make your personality colorfully shine.

4. Artwork, Groupings and Wall Hangings: Fill the walls and hallways with artwork and fill your home with beauty. Whether you hang a large, single original created by your favorite artist above your sofa, arrange a grouping of framed family photos in the dining room, or professionally mat and frame your children’s paintings for the bedroom, artwork is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add personal pops of color a throughout your home.

5. Throws, Pillows and Table Runners: Create a colorful and cozy atmosphere with a textile or two. Layer two or three differently styled pillows on the sofa, drape a brightly colored throw over a love seat and line the center of a dining room table with a fabric runner. Textiles not only add dimension and personality, they can easily be changed from season to season.

6. Flowers and Plants: Fresh flowers and plants displayed in visually appealing containers create a delightful, organic touch to any room. They not only are visually appealing, they bring the amazing one of a kind beauty of the outdoors into your home.

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