Acrylic Prints Buyers Guide: What To Look For

Acrylic Prints Buyers Guide: What To Look For

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Acrylic prints come in different forms and their prices vary. It pays to compare different products with their price tag to ascertain if the difference is quality based or not. The production of acrylic prints involves two major processes- face mounting method which involves printing onto photographic paper and placing beneath the acrylic; and the direct method which is simply printing on the acrylic substance. Almost all the boutique print companies in the US have adopted the use of the face mounting method for acrylic prints and there are many variations now available with differences in quality, price, and craftsmanship. The direct method is sparingly used due to the poor color accuracy, vibrancy, and permanence. The choice of acrylic print can be made after careful deliberation and findings from manufacturing companies. Below are some question tips to guide you when looking for the best acrylic print of utmost quality and standard. But if you can visit, that will be saving you a whole lot of stress.

#1: Is the acrylic produced in-house or outsourced?

Many companies in the US now directly outsource acrylic prints to countries like China, Mexico, and India.  The service rendered is usually of low quality and comes at a cheap rate but at a cost in vibrancy, permanence and color accuracy. It is better to have a product that can be reviewed in-house where flaws in quality and suggestions for improvement can be handled before final printing.

#2: What production process did you utilize?

If you do not mind the color accuracy, vibrancy, and permanence of acrylic paints produced through outsourcing, you can opt for prints produced by directly printing on the acrylic. They are actually cheaper in price and are good options for outdoor spaces. But when a quality product with no fault is desired, acrylic prints produced by face mount process is recommended.

#3: Are you willing to redo prints?

Some visible faults or imperfections can be associated with face mounted acrylic prints and it can be very expensive to correct or fix. Sometimes, dust specs and pebbles may get trapped between the print and the acrylic and this requires a redo. This is the reason why many companies prefer to print directly to the acrylic. Ensure you ask about the price if it covers for gallery quality and correction of any fault.

#4: What is the quality of the backing material?

Backing materials are mostly used to attach hanging hardware and also for stabilization of the acrylic. Two basic materials namely, Sintra and dibond are used to stabilize the acrylic but the dibond provides better rigidity than the Sintra. Make sure the backing materials used for your orders comprising larger pieces are made of dibond. Smaller pieces can still make use of the Sintra.

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