Acer Air Monitor – Best Way To Secure Your Family Health

Acer Air Monitor – Best Way To Secure Your Family Health

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Good air quality in the room plays the vital role for the health of the individual indoors. According to a research, people spend average 90% of the time in the house and more than 21 hours in the enclosed space. Normally, we breathe more than 400 million liters of air during our lifetime for providing the sufficient oxygen for staying alive. Of course, Indoor air quality affects the health so the badly managed air quality could cause more economic implications. With the advancement in technology, Next generation air quality monitors have increased a lot with providing the real-time and localized air quality readings. Air Quality is completely monitored and highly accurate with enabling the proper alert to the maximum guidance. Key pollutants are NO2 and PM2.5 so it is necessary to make sure the absolute health and home improvement in an extensive manner. Indoor Air quality must be balanced to make sure that complete environment is monitored and checked accurately. Of course, it maintains the completely healthy and comfortable indoor air environment. Acer Air Monitor brings the logical solution for controlling the indoor air pollution and monitoring systems to the high extent. Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring helps you to easily monitor the quality of air in the home helps to keep the family safe and secure.

Features Of Acer Air Monitor System:

Acer Air Monitor system monitors and controls indoor air pollution that is coupled with the indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring. In fact, it ensures the healthy indoor air and efficient HVAC system. There is a wide number of new low-cost air quality monitoring systems available that benefited from modern and high quality benefits. There is no need to wonder about how bad the air quality is within the home, it is convenient to detect the CO2, PM2.5, PM10, and many other harmful gases in the environment. Acer Air Monitor system regulates complete environment to the maximum for gaining the comfort level. TVOC or Total Volatile Organic Compounds in the Indoor Air Quality Check is the grouping of the organic chemical compounds to know the accurate reporting when dust or harmful substances are present in the emission or ambient. Pollutants cause both the short and long-term health problems for humans that include the respiratory tract infections, asthma, allergic reactions and much more. Humidity and Temperature of the room is most important to consider so it is necessary to monitor them to lead a pure and pollution-free life.

International AQI Standard:

Based on the international AQI standard, the Acer air monitor on Amazon offers many different Air Quality Index such as temperature, humidity, TVOC, CO2 and many other could be monitored.  Get the complete historical data of the interior room air within seconds as every data is secured with modern technology. Acer air monitor offers LED-lighting indicators along with the different status to display the air quality intuitively at a quick glance. Acer air monitor is completely light and quite handy to carry anywhere so you can pick your product best from Acer Air Monitor Official Site.