A simple guide on how to remove broken cord from sash windows

A simple guide on how to remove broken cord from sash windows

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Windows are a deep asset for our furniture. We all have to agree that if there is any problem or fault in the window the overall look of the house looks bit dull. And people put their comments about the house from outside at looking your windows. So, let us discuss about Sash Window Repair.

Let me define sash window first, sash windows are a window with about 2 sashes which makes a vertical slid to make an opening.

How to remove broken cord from sash window?

  • First get the sash out

You need a ¼ inch of cord and wide chisel. Now, start banding the gap between the stops softly with chisel. Do it first with the corners of the window so the process get easier. So, set the priorities first corners and then centers.

  • Pry of the bead molding

After the process of cord and chisel, the second thing is to use mold for just removing your sash out easily. Do these in all 4 sides.

  • Get the nails out

After getting the bead in hand, just try to pull out nails from it, using one sharp knife or something try to make it sharp from every corner. This way the old caulk with be removed easily from the bead. Do the same thing with the corners in the space of window and clear the maximum old caulk. And, now finally get whole sash out.

  • Time to get cord off

After taking all sashes in your hand, just try getting cords off from the sash and once the process is done keep the sash aside.

  • Locate the access panel

Again, you need a chisel if the stripes are blocking the access panel. So, this way the groove will get pried off. Now, you need to loosen the nails holding the panel cover. And pull the cover out of the jamb. Now, try to remove counter weight from jamb. Remove the broken cord.