A Safe and Comfortable Place for Your Dog

A Safe and Comfortable Place for Your Dog

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Dogs are great companions and often a part of our families. It is only natural to want to care and protect these wonderful, devoted creatures. Dogs, like children, enjoy knowing their boundaries and the rules of good behavior. A happy dog is a good dog, knowing he is safe and secure even when you are unable to be with him. When a dog has its own space, they can relax and be themselves unconcerned about outside influences. 

A residential dog kennel is the right choice for larger sporting breed dogs. A kennel when properly installed will have shelter from the elements but enough space the larger dog does not feel cramped. A concrete pad will enable owners in keeping sanitary conditions relatively easy with a simple hosing with a garden hose, preferably daily or as needed. It will help to have sufficient drainage area to handle to drain off waste. Ample fresh water will complete your dog’s comfort and keep him hydrated. Feeding can be done in the kennel or at the owner’s preference of location. The kennel itself can be in the backyard preferably where the pooch will receive fresh air circulation and avoid the high noon sun directly affecting the heat of the area. 

Residential dog kennels are usually constructed of metal and chain-link fencing, some with welded metal. With a width of five feet, length of ten feet and a height of six feet most large dogs find a perfect size for protection and comfort. Protection from wandering from its home area, predator animals, other dogs or perhaps being picked up are provided for owner’s peace of mind. If the dog is aggressive the kennel also offers visitors to your home protection from unwanted advances.

A wooden or fiberglass dog house is a fine addition to provide protection from the elements. An addition of a roof is great but adds to the expense of the kennel. Of course, many owners use outdoor kennels only as temporary restraints thereby making rain protection unnecessary. Outdoor kennels are a convenience for owners on many occasions and can allow the animals the fresh air and outdoor interaction they need. Exercise must, of course, be given outside the kennel as recommended for your type of breed. This could be achieved with a dog run, an extended fenced area or a line between two poles on which you dog can be attached to run back and forth. Kennels can provide a haven, a place where animals can relax but still observe the activities of the outdoors. Kennels also provide restraint for the over friendly as well as the aggressive dog during family outings on the patio or in the backyard, during chore day, or when a repair man is needed. 

Large or small dogs a kennel of appropriate size can benefit everyone including your canine friend. Maintenance is easy, and the convenience speaks for itself. Kennels are recommended by veterinarians and current kennel owners. An investment well worth it.

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