A life with modern appliances that you never imagine before

A life with modern appliances that you never imagine before

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Samsung appliances are on the cutting edge of technology, from enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to an array of other innovative features that aim to make life easy. Take a look at these must-have products, many of which are featured in season two’s Home to Win house, to experience the myriad ways Samsung is bringing the future into the now.

Front load washer

This smart washer is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows you to control and monitor the washer remotely via the smartphone app. This means you can toss clothes in the machine in the morning before work, and schedule the cycle to end right before you arrive home to transfer the load into the dryer. How’s that for convenience? The adapter enables Wi-Fi connectivity and lets users monitor how much time is left in a cycle and receive alerts when the cycle ends. Meanwhile, the Add Wash door allows you to add forgotten items to the load mid cycle. In addition, the washer’s Self Clean+ technology helps to remove dirt and bacteria without using harsh chemicals; instead, the washer drum is cleaned with a combination of soaking, pulsating and high-speed spinning.

Electric Front-Load Dryer

With a capacity of 7.5 cubic feet, the Samsung Electric Front-Load Dryer uses the power of steam with its innovative multi steam function, with four different cycles that eliminate odour, smooth out wrinkles, sanitize garments and remove static from clothing. Meanwhile, an innovative sensor detects any blockages in the dryer vent, and even alerts you when it’s time to clean it. The dryer is also Wi-Fi equipped, allowing you to remotely control the appliance from your smartphone.

Refrigerator with Flex Zone

Get more workspace while enhancing your kitchen’s look with this counter-depth refrigerator. Its sleek, built-in style blends in with the cabinetry, adding function and style to your kitchen. And with 23 cu. ft. capacity, you have plenty of space in your fridge and freezer. But it’s the Flex Zone feature that will really capture your attention. With four customizable settings, the lower right door can switch between a fridge and a freezer, maximizing the storage capacity for fresh goods. Other innovative features include Triple Cooling technology, a cooling system that features three evaporators for ultimate freshness and provides precise temperature and humidity controls in all three zones, high-efficiency LED lighting and humidity controlled crisper drawers to extend produce freshness.

Built-in Hood with Bluetooth Connectivity
Connected to the cooktop via Bluetooth, this built-in Samsung hood fan and lights are synced with the burners to ensure both can be managed by a one-touch control. Meanwhile, a metal filter draws grease, fumes and cooking odour’s into the hood to vent them outdoors, and can safely be washed in the dishwasher.