A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right uPVC Windows

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right uPVC Windows

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When you are building or buying a brand new home, it is highly probable that the builder didn’t do his best work when he/she installed doors and windows even if the house looks pretty on the appearance standpoint. You would feel that there is nothing special about a window of a house, but that isn’t true.

A modern window is very different from the traditional windows as more and more houses are now adding uPVC doors and windows instead of traditional wooden windows and doors. The uPVC windows colours provide much higher quality and durability as compared to the traditional windows.

Here are a few things that you need to consider when buying uPVC windows:

  • Strength:

The uPVC window strength can be determined by the multi-chambered uPVC profile, which is reinforced with a type of galvanized steel. Someone who is a good manufacturer generally maintains a simple standard profile width and this can vary between 2.3mm and 3mm. The steel reinforcement thickness ranges from 1mm to 3mm as well. This uPVC is highly durable and easily resists flaking and cracking.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Proper uPVC windows and doors can enhance energy efficiency of the home as well. UPVC should be a low heat conductor and also have a really good seal. Having sealants of silicone that are weather proof allows the uPVC window to prevent any kind of loss of heat or gain of heat, which is why your house becomes highly energy efficient.

  • Sound Insulation:

If you need sound proofing in your house or room, you need at least double or triple glazed uPVC windows. The sealing should also be effective by using silicone sealants and rubber gaskets.

  • Thickness of Glass:

A window that is uPVC can be single glazed, double glazed or triple glazed and the type of glasses can be toughened glass, normal float glass or toughened glass that is laminated as well. Make sure that the thickness is of the right size. Single glazed glass is 6mm thick, double glazed is at least 6mm glass/16mm inert gas/6mm glass and triple glazed has a 4-12-4-12-4 ratio of glass and inert gas in mm.

  • Colour Stability:

A white window might start discolouring after some time, so you need to ensure that the white colour stays stable. To make sure that it stays stable, the uPVC profile should have titanium di oxide. The minimum quantity of this compound should be at least 2.5% by weight.

  • Security:

A good window should have hardware quality and also a concealed locking system. 304 Grade stainless steel should be used for this hardware and it should have hinges, friction stays and handles as they won’t get corroded or rusted in that way. You can also considered a laminated double glazed window for added security.

Adhering to the points mentioned in this guide would help you find the perfect uPVC windows for your house or office. These windows would have the highest of quality and security, which is the purpose of a window plus they would look insanely beautiful as well.