8 Tips and Tricks for Hot Tubs

8 Tips and Tricks for Hot Tubs

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Are you a hot tub owner? Well, you know that hot tub is not just about reading, relaxing, and drinking. Yes, you can do anything that you want to do in your hot tub because there is no judgment here.

Out of all, you have to take care of the hot tube properly to enjoy a lot. This means you must clean, test, add chemicals, and ensure whether it is safe to use.

Do you love to spend more time in the hot tub but not have enough time to take care of it? If yes, then do not worry. Here, you will get some useful and beneficial hot tub tricks and trips, which make your hot tub ownership much easier than ever.

However, it is a not step-by-step guide to take care of your hot tub rather than below-mentioned are tips to experiment yourselves and see the result. This assists you to find the trick which works well for your tub and which does not.

Explore the interesting tips and tricks for hot tubs

  1. Never use pool chemicals in your hot tub

Are you thinking that using the same chemical for both swimming pool and hot tub could save your money? If so, then your assumption is completely wrong. Chemicals are actually made for the specific amount of waters in order to work well. Hence, if you use swimming pool tablets in the hot tub, then it can decrease the water ph drastically.

On the other hand, when you use liquid chlorine in the hot tub, your water ph, hardness, and alkalinity will highly increase. Before using tons of expensive chemicals, simply drain the hot tub, add chemicals, and then fill water. This action will be cost-effective and beneficial as well.

  1. Close air injection valves for quick heating

Around the tub edge, most of the hot tubs have knobs, which can be opened to allow air mix with the water coming from the jets. Because of this, the water is often colder than actually, you want the water to be. Therefore, ensure that you have closed the valve while heating up your spa.

  1. Try to test your water frequently

Do you wish to avoid costly maintenance and damage of the hot tub? Then, you must often test the hot tub water in order to keep it in the condition, which you want. Thus, it juices up fewer chemicals to keep the tub balanced than it takes to obtain the neglected tub back into the shape.

  1. Avoid the use household cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your hot tub, you must use the cleaning chemicals, which is specifically made for hot tubs. Never use the household chemicals and cleaners to clean the tub. Before using any cleaning agent, ensure you have rinsed the tub with the fresh water. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always beneficial and better.

  1. Make use of the tennis balls in the skimmer

If you want to attract hair products, lotions, bodily oils, and so on from entering filtration system, then place the tennis balls either directly into the tub water or into the skimmer. You can change them whenever it is necessary.

  1. Set a timer to keep your tub from overflowing

On an average, it takes about 1 – 2 hours to fill your hot tub. However, it differs based on the water capacity and water pressure. It is too boring to keep an eye on the water rise. Therefore, while filling your tub, set a timer to notice how long it takes to fill the whole tub. In fact, nothing is worse than coming back to the overflowing hot tub.

  1. Cover hot tub when it is not used

One of the simplest yet effective hot tub tricks is that keep your tub covered when not in use and utilizes bromine. Since tubs are much smaller than swimming pools, the amount of bacteria has a higher concentration so that making bromine is much better than chemical treatment such as chlorine. Covering up the tub all the times will keep dangerous UV rays from dissolving the bromine, which extends the life of sanitizer.

  1. Ph is highly important than alkalinity

When compared to total alkalinity, pH is always important. It is not at all possible to avail both in range. If the pH is optimum, then total alkalinity is low. When TA booster is added, it could increase the pH level to higher than 7.8. This is why keeping your pH high with sodium bicarbonate rather than sodium carbonate important to keep your TA where it needs to be.


Aforementioned hot tub tricks and tips are highly beneficial for all the hot tub owners. Since it does not involve any critical steps to do, both fresh and experienced hot tub owners can make use of it and enjoy its benefits to the core.

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