7 Ways of keeping teak furniture in great condition

7 Ways of keeping teak furniture in great condition

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Buying teak wood furniture is costly. The investment in teak made furniture is worthwhile considering its longevity. However, we have a responsibility to maintain it. Without proper maintenance the furniture might fail to last longer. Proper maintenance is crucial for the protection of your investment in the furniture. Thus, know the ways of keeping the furniture in great condition.


Unlike the indoors, the outdoor environment is dusty. Whenever the wind blows, it lifts up dirt which settles on the teak furniture. The dust needs to be cleaned more often. Regular dusting retains the shining effect of the furniture. Dusting should be done with a dump cloth. Regular dusting will guarantee consistent shining of the furniture. The beauty of the furniture product will be preserved.


Oiling is supposed to be done regularly. Oiling aids in retaining the colour of the teak furniture. The stores have several oils for preserving wooden furniture. Every wood has a specific type of oil suitable for it. The products made of teak need the teak oil. The teak oil gives the furniture its preservative qualities. The oil hinders decaying and repels the invasion of termites.


Be very strategic on where you place the furniture. This is critical for its durability. Avoid keeping the furniture from direct sunlight. The sun will cause the teak furniture to start fading. This will demand more oiling to preserve the wood. Placing the furniture in places with enough shade is crucial. In fact, it will provide the perfect place for people to relax.


Since teak is a weather resistant and insect resistant wood that does not mean you should not protect it. Protectingthe wood makes the furniture to last. Covering the furniture when it is not being used is a suitable method of preserving it. If you do not intend to use it especially during winter, cover it or put it in the garage. That will maintain its strength too.


It is mandatory to keep the furniture dry. Commit to ensuring the furniture remains dry after rain. It is possible for the rain to damage the wood especially if constant oiling is not done. The teak furniture has special oil that prevents decaying. Oiling and drying the furniture every time will preserve it. This might be a hard task but worth it.

Soft cloth

When wiping the furniture, use a very soft piece of cloth. The cloth is not supposed to affect the texture of the furniture. A rough cloth or an inappropriate material will create marks on the furniture. This will cause the furniture to look older after cleaning for several times. Before dusting or oiling ensure your cloth is very soft. Use a new cloth.

More dirt

If the dump cloth cannot remove the dirt, using more water and oil soap is another option. The oil soap will help in complete removal of the accumulated dirt. After cleaning teak furniture with oil soap, it is prudent to oil it. This will restore the eye-catching effect of the furniture. It will look as new as before.


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