7 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2018

7 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2018

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Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Do you look for the best kitchen cabinet ideas? Well, you have reached the right destination. Explore the most trending and new kitchen cabinet ideas from here.

You will surely see all these cabinet ideas around you for years to come. This list includes new exciting design ideas to rethought trending designs ideas. Before entering into the topic, understand the importance of having the right kitchen cabinet and its benefits.

Importance of choosing the right kitchen cabinet

Renovating your kitchen with the latest kitchen cabinet is one of the daunting tasks. However, revitalizing the heart of your home will not only assist you with the organization but also make you feel confident when the guests arrive at your home.

Most of the people think that kitchen cabinet is designed to store a variety of items but it can do more than that.  Using the wide variety of high-quality kitchen cabinet, you can remodel your kitchen and create the beautiful series of boundaries and borders around your dream kitchen.

You can either choose attractive or decorative cabinet design based on your demands and needs. When it comes to finding the best kitchen cabinet for your home, you must look at several numbers of options and aspects.

Before choosing any cabinet design from the bunch of design ideas, consider your storage requirements, kitchen shape, and size. Thus, you can able to create a perfect space, which suits you and your family’s personal style.

Top 7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for 2018

  1. Back to black – In the gone days, most of the kitchen cabinets are in the black and white combination. Now, people used to include black in their kitchen along with some dark cabinetry and floor tiles. This provides the heart of the home a contemporary and polished look. This shows people move towards lighter interiors from brighter one. Do you want to be on the trend? Then, invest in the black appliances.
  2. Embossed fronts – Most of the people think that modern style cabinets have minimalist drawers and flat front doors, cabinet companies now produce a fun version with the embossed patterns. This is actually adding a sense of the texture and personality. In addition to, it still maintains the modern sensibility.

You can even prefer simple linear grooves or fun geometric shapes such as fish scale pattern. Try to choose cabinet doors in the dark and glossy finish. If you are looking to design your kitchen with white glass euro cabinets then this post on Best Online Cabinets might be a goldmine for you.

  1. Jewel tones – Are you looking something dominant? If so, then jewel tones are the right choice. At present, many house owners choose rich and deep hues with the jewel tones. Get a stylish look with the classic jewel tones such as sapphire, amethyst, and emerald. Go with bright orange and pink to feel sophisticated and luxurious.
  2. Metallics – Are you one of the homeowners who love the industrial and crisp appeal of the steel? Well, consider the whole sets of the cabinet in the metal to render professional kitchen look. Stainless steel drawer fronts and door provide you a ready to work and cool look to your cabinet.
  3. Mixing of modern and traditional styles – Many homeowners do not wish to choose only traditional or modern cabinets. Rather than, they look for the mix of both in order to create the kitchen space richer and look interesting and up-to-date. For instance, you can access crisp white door fronts and traditional drawer on the lower cabinet and use glossy and flat upper doors with taupe-hued off-white. This combination looks amazing and outstanding!
  4. High gloss in the dark tones – Do you think that metal is the only finish, which brings a glossy sheen to your kitchen? No, you should opt for lacquer look cabinets. Now, many suppliers produce high-sheen cabinets in the murky tone such as mirror-like appearance and charcoal grey.
  5. Open shelving – This cabinet may look simple but effective because it lets you add the touch of your own personality. Not only this, it also helps you store some extra ingredients. Since it comes with the higher level of accountability, you cannot hide mess anywhere so that keeps the space tidy.

Benefits of having the best kitchen cabinet

In every home, one of the commonly found aspects in the kitchen is cabinets. Here are the benefits of having the best kitchen cabinet.

  • Provide support to the appliances, which are positioned with the cabinets
  • The strong and durable material ensures the weight of dishes, canned foods, and other items.
  • Helps house owners to store the cooking essential safely without the fear of rodents and other insects to spoil them
  • Adding a sense of the aesthetic touch to the whole kitchen space
  • Install the cabinet helps you maintain the kitchen hygiene


So, are you really wishing to update your kitchen cabinet with the latest trends and designs?

Before getting into any one of these cabinet ideas, ensure it fits well for you and your home in all aspects. Therefore, you can able to enjoy the cabinet benefits fully.

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