7 Essential Hacks To Protect Wooden Furniture in Monsoon 2018

7 Essential Hacks To Protect Wooden Furniture in Monsoon 2018

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Protect Wooden Furniture – Monsoon will be here any moment, and your precious wooden furniture will be once again left vulnerable to the unfavorable weather. Wooden furniture is not only expensive but also comes with a huge responsibility to protect in monsoon season. When buying wooden furniture online or offline, the salesman makes it a point to explain all the ways that can be adapted to make your furniture look as good as new for a long period.

Here is a briefed out list of some of the essential hacks which can be used to save your wooden furniture during monsoon season 2018.

  1. Polishing or Waxing The Wooden Surface

Probably the most important and useful thing that you can do to protect your furniture from all kinds of external stimuli is to polish its surface. This acts as a protective shield between the wood and the atmosphere that seeps into its pores and damages it.

Most of the furniture that is sold these days is already polished, but for some old or ancestral pieces of furniture that have not been polished- it is advised to ask a professional to do so. Apart from being a barrier, wax also increases the luster of the wood and makes it more appealing to the eye.

  1. Use A Brush For The Corners

Monsoon is the time for humid air, and this moist weather is the catalyst for fungus and mould. Corners are most susceptible to this problem as regular cleaning routine cannot be effective in getting rid of dust and moisture from the corners. Use a very soft-bristled toothbrush and rub it over the edges.

Use water for cleaning during monsoon only if it is necessary. After the rubbing is over, wipe the area with a dry cloth and see the beautiful result.

  1. Clean The Feet of Furniture

It is very common to see furniture being discoloured at the bottom. This is mainly due to everyday activity of mopping the floor as water from the mop rubs at the feet and turns the colour to a dirtier shade of brown. These marks put the appeal of the furniture at a stake and must be dealt with.

Take a very mild detergent or cleaning solution on a damp cloth and rub the discoloured area. After it is cleaned up, make sure to rub it with a dry cloth as well as things require help in drying up during monsoons.

  1. Air Conditioning

Regular flow of air from one corner of the house to the other is very important as it makes sure that humid air does not get stuck within the house and no unnecessary moisture is created. Keep the windows open and let the natural flow of wind go on to assist you with the humid weather.

This also avoids any sort of fungi or mould to get accumulated on your expensive wooden furniture. Ensure the room has proper ventilation and remains dry during the rainy weather.

  1. Let The Sun In

It’s important to have windows that allow sunlight to enter the room. Sunlight helps in getting rid of the dampness created due to the rainy weather and protects your home against it. Try to let as much of the sunlight you can into the house but don’t let it fall directly over the polished furniture.

The UV rays can damage the polish and the wood underneath it. Keep your furniture away from the direct path of the sunlight but don’t block it out during monsoons.

  1. Wipe, Don’t Scrub

It sounds like a good idea to scrub a surface to clean it, but in case of wood- the truth could not be more contrasting. Even though it might look good after the first scrub, the reality is that harsh scrubbing makes the natural shine from the wood go away and creates scratches on its surface.

These scratches might be unnoticeable at first, but with time the wood grows old and regular wear and tear causes the scratches to become very indiscreet.

Don’t Let Liquids Stay On Wood For Long

Liquids like tea, coffee, and alcohol tend to stain whatever they come in contact with. Wood is not an exception because, as soon as these liquids come in contact with the surface, they seep into the pores of the wood and create stains that are very difficult to remove.

Especially during monsoons, they create twice the liability of stain and moisture. The easiest option in such cases is to keep these away from your furniture, but in case they do come in contact with the furniture- wipe them right away and then rub a dry cloth just to be more cautious.

These are the most important fixes by which you can keep your wooden furniture safe during the monsoons as well. Don’t let monsoons stop you, take these steps to maintain in their best shape.