7 Amazing Benefits of Electric Mattress Pads

7 Amazing Benefits of Electric Mattress Pads

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An electric mattress pad is the most amazing accessory you can add to your sleeping experience. There are various reasons that a simple heating pad can make you feel so much better at night!

1. Eliminates Cold Brick Feels

A warm bed is the best thing you can ever ask for during winter nights. The feeling when you creep into a freezing bed is just unforgettable. It wakes you up and your hair stands every time you touch the bed. It’s the worst thing ever, having to wait for your own body to warm up only certain spots of the bed.

An electric mattress pad can be switched to a lower dial to warm up the bed before you sleep and be let on until morning. It eliminates that cold brick feel when your mattress is exposed to cold weather consistently. You don’t need to turn on the heater for long or too hot either with this.

2. Energy Efficient

A single mattress pad only takes 60-90 watts of energy. This is only on one side of the pad, so if you’re getting two sides, multiply it by two. The reason why it’s so energy efficient as opposed to blankets that emit heat in all directions is that the heat from your mattress pad is trapped between your body and blanket. It makes sure that all the energy expended will be retained by you throughout the night.

You will need less energy to heat up to a certain temperature compared to using an electric blanket or increasing the thermometer.

3. Safe

Electrical mattress pads have cords running around the interior to spread the heat equally. It needs to be plugged into a socket all night long to keep it running. This means you’re sleeping on something that runs on electricity for the next 8 hours and you’re unconscious during the time.

The biggest worry many users have before buying is the safety properties of a mattress pad. However, you need to know that there have been very few fire incidents with a heating pad. You can browse for heating mattress pads that come with a locking mechanism for the plugs on your blanket. A blanket that operates on a single electrical socket is also safer and easier to observe.

Note: Never place the mattress pad near any kind of water source. This means you shouldn’t drink on top of it when it’s operating. If you accidentally spill something, turn it off.

However, it’s always safe enough to be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer machine. As long as you follow the instructions or manual that comes with the product, no harm will come to you. Ensure that the cords aren’t damaged and stop using it if you see smoke or smell something burning.

More advanced technologies allow the heating of the mattress pad through a timer and it also stops the heating when the intended warmth is reached just like the electric mattress pads from LatexBear. Cheaper mattress pads may not have this and instead will automatically shut off when it’s on for too long (usually after around 10 hours).

4. Comfortable

A heating mattress pad can also replace the top of your mattress that is no longer comfortable. Maybe your synthetic mattress has lost its flexibility and you don’t want to buy a new mattress. A heating mattress pad would be perfect for winter and you can always look for one with extra cushion.

A cheap heating pad can be uncomfortable as you can feel the cords against your body. Ask the sellers for a trial on the mattress pad or ask around regarding the softness or firmness of the mattress pad for a better idea. Usually, heating mattress pads need at least 6 ounces of padding to hide the cord well. Some provide up to 9 ounces of padding to give you maximum comfort.

5. Affordable

The best heating mattress pads with good padding and lots of dial options cost around $120-$140 each. That is already a very comfortable electric mattress pad with safety mechanisms and lots of options to configure it. You can change the temperature on a wider range.

If you’re truly tight on budget, there’s a decent one available at $60 with the basic functions there. We’re not talking about cheap, unbranded products, but one with good reviews and minimum faults.

Not to mention, it doesn’t use much power to heat up. 180 watts for the whole night and only costs a couple of cents when turned on for the whole night. You only need the warming properties during cold weather. When it’s warm, you can always use it like a usual mattress pad and hide the cord from being exposed.

6. Protects Your Mattress

Another function of a mattress pad is to protect your mattress. Although an electric mattress pad also shouldn’t be spilled on for fear of electrocution, it can still protect you from stains and dirt. You can easily move your mattress pad away for cleaning when needed and keep your expensive mattress clean.

7. Easy to Clean

Cleaning an electric mattress pad is similar to cleaning any other mattress pads. You just bring it out for dusting every now. In the case you need to wash it, you have to follow a specific set of instruction which we have already explained in a previous article.

You can always wash it in a washing machine, air it or use a dryer machine. Remember to check the conditions of the cords before washing and ensure that none of them is sticking out. Dry it for a few days to ensure it’s usable and not damp or wet. It has to be completely dry before being plugged into the power socket.

Bonus Fact: It doesn’t ruin your mattress experience!

That’s right! A lot of people are worried that a heating mattress pad is going to hide the experience of their expensive latex mattress. Of course, the type of mattress pads you choose is different and a lot of people do prefer comfortable ones to hide their already old mattress.

But you who already invested in an all-natural latex mattress or expensive memory foam mattress is probably worried. Well, if you choose one with less cushion, you will still be able to feel your mattress and actually won’t feel the difference! The mattress will still contour itself to the pressure of your body and the support is still there for you. The only difference would be that it’s warmer now.

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