6 Trends That Will Have You Wanting To Remodel

6 Trends That Will Have You Wanting To Remodel

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Every once in a while we all need something new in our lives. Lucky for us, today offers some savory treats in terms of home remodeling. Plenty of options are available in the market at affordable prices. The following are remodeling trends in the market today that you can ask your contractor.

Open floor plans

Home buyers today prefer open spaces without any unnecessary walls. These floor plans offer more space making some activities such as cooking and dining informal, flexible and cozy. More often than not the kitchen is accessible from the living room. More light floods into rooms making them cozy and brighter. It also offers you more space for seating.

More Sunlight

Natural light is appreciated in the daytime. Larger and more windows which allow in more light are becoming the norm. New windows can be surprisingly helpful in enhancing your view. Newer windows come with new energy saving features making the indoors more comfortable while bringing down energy costs. Lighting is being placed in more areas of the home such as at cabinets. This adds personal style to your living spaces. Lights available range from rustic to modern style options.

Master bedroom suites

The master bedroom suite offers you a home within your home. The suite will have a more luxurious bathroom, a larger main room, office space, his and hers closets and/or a nursery area. The bathroom may even be spa-like.

Larger and more gourmet kitchens

Contemporary kitchens have been given a more elevated role in the house. They are now the centerpieces of many homes are getting larger. It is a gathering point for the family and thus homeowners prefer them to be welcoming and versatile. Open floor plans help achieve this goal. They also give more space for larger islands. More people prefer their countertops to be of quartz or white marble. While for appliances, the preferred materials are stainless steel or brushed nickel. White cabinets are rising in popularity especially when paired with dark countertops. Grey cabinets are also gaining popularity second only to white cabinets. The patterns most preferred are linear as they are more stylish.

Multi-generational and universal design

More and more relatives are living together under the same roof. This might be your parents, grandparents or grandkids. It is therefore important that your house meets the needs of all the occupants. This means a move towards universal design is essential. Widen the doorways and hallways, have consistent floor levels across the whole house, build the master suite on the main floor and reduce the height of thresholds.

Higher ceilings and more interesting ceiling treatments

This option offers the advantage of adding flair to a home without having major cost implications. The ceiling treatments are getting more numerous and varied. Tray ceilings, vaulted or coffered ceilings are some of the treatments on offer. Adding a simple crown molding can be enough. Ceiling treatments are often overlooked but can be enough to bring your home up to date.

Understanding the trends is an important step towards having a successful remodel. Take your time before making your final choice.

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