6 Reasons Why Master Lock Is the Best Padlock on the Market

6 Reasons Why Master Lock Is the Best Padlock on the Market

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As far as security is concerned, Master Lock is one of those brands that have been around for ages. With their amazing designs and high-quality products, we have come to expect nothing but the best from their padlocks.

One of the most amazing things about them is how each and every padlock model Master Lock produces is in its own way unique and individual without compromising on the overall security offered. Below are 6 reasons why Master Lock padlocks are considered among the best on the market today. 

1. They are made of the strongest padlock material

Most people assume that the strength of a padlock is fully dependent on the shackle design and the lock. This is not entirely true. The material used to make the body on the padlock is very significant as far as padlock strength is concerned.

Some of the best padlocks Master Lock makes are made out of strong heavy duty material. This includes materials such as brass, stainless steel and high grade reinforced alloys. These are meant to protect your padlock from access using force. 

2. They use the secure U lock design

Most, if not all of the best padlocks Master Lock has to offer feature a U lock design. Security experts and locksmiths have for a long time been in consensus that this design is the most secure for padlocks.

Master Lock takes it a step further by including reinforcements. One of the most common and effective is that of altered shackle dimensions for thick yet versatile U locks. This offers you maximum security ensuring that it is very difficult, if at all possible, for bolt cutters to work on your lock. 

Another reinforcement measure taken is use of side shields to protect the shackle. This is featured in the 1177D ProSeries Brass padlock which is probably the best padlock Master Lock has produced as far as shackle reinforcement is concerned. 

3. The locks are resistant to most burglary techniques

For high grade and high security level padlocks from Masterlock, use of most burglary tools and techniques will prove futile. The locks in these high grades are designed in such a way that most ordinary lock picking tools will not be effective in gaining unauthorized access.

Some of the best padlocks Master Lock has to offer go the extra mile replacing traditional locks with combination locks that are pretty much burglar proof.

The high-grade models are also designed to resist sudden high impact forces that would easily allow access on most common padlocks. The overall effect of these designs is added security and a guarantee that your padlock will serve you as you expect it to. 

4. The material is durable

More often than not, padlocks are used outdoors for everything from yard gates to storage locker doors. This means that they are constantly being exposed to water, dirt, sunlight and heat.

Master Lock padlocks are made from high quality materials that allow them to resist corrosion and other forms of damage due to this exposure. This ensures that you will enjoy the services from your lock for a very long time without it losing its effectiveness or aesthetics.

5. It is versatile and flexible in terms of applicability

You can use a Master Lock for any form of security. This includes locking doors in both commercial and domestic settings.

You can also use them to secure your bike or scooter especially if you are working with long shackled padlocks. The overall versatility contributes significantly to the popularity of Master Lock padlocks. 

6. It is affordable

You would thing that investing in the best padlock Master Lock produces will set you back significantly as far as finances are concerned. After all, it is one of the highest rated padlock brands in the world. Interestingly, Master Lock padlocks are very affordable.

Whether you go for the low-grade models or the high security level padlocks, you will not have to bleed your account dry in order to enjoy the security benefits. 

Bottom line

If you are looking to get a lock for your house, or backyard or even your bike, there is no denying the fact that you can’t go wrong with Masterlock. The 6 reasons above are just a few among the many other benefits that you stand to enjoy. Whether you go for the best padlock Master Lock has to offer or simply one of their average models, you will get full value for your money. 


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