6 Reasons To Keep Hydrated

6 Reasons To Keep Hydrated

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It is common knowledge that about 60% of the human body is water. As a result of normal body functions which include sweating, breathing and passing urine, we lose quite a significant portion of this water throughout the day. We, therefore, need to consume enough water daily to offset this loss and maintain good health.

The rate at which you lose water can be accentuated by certain things such as strenuous work, hot weather, and some medications, which makes it even more important to stay on top of your hydration when exposed to these factors for optimum body performance.

Lifestyle Health (http://www.lifestylehealth.co.nz/) 6 reasons why you need to ensure you are drinking enough water every day:Image result for 6 Reasons To Keep Hydrated

  1. Maintaining body fluid balance. There’re water-based fluids in all parts of your body performing all manner of functions such as digestion, food absorption, maintenance of body temperature, transportation of nutrients among other things. Drinking water throughout the day ensures that you keep replenishing these fluids for optimum performance.

When your body is running low on fluids, your brain will usually trigger a thirst mechanism through the pituitary gland instructing your kidneys to reduce excretion of water. This mechanism also gives you the sensation of feeling thirsty. Listen to this cue and drink water because you are dehydrated.

  • Drinking water helps you lose weight. Some studies indicate that drinking water could increase body metabolism helping you burn more calories. Although this effect has neither been approved nor disapproved by science, it is known that water can reduce hunger and act as a natural (and useful) appetite suppressant.

Substituting high calorie beverages such as energy drinks and soft drinks with water will also help minimise your calorie intake and help out your weight loss efforts.

  • Energise your muscles. When cells cannot maintain their balance of electrolytes and fluids, they shrivel causing muscle fatigue. This means your muscles will not work as well as they are meant to.

To stay energised when exercising or doing manual work, it is recommended that you drink about half a litre of water about two hours before you begin. After you start, begin drinking water early and continue doing so at regular intervals to replenish water lost by sweating.

    1. Keeping your skin healthy. If you have had skin issues at any one point in your life, then you probably have come across this fact. In order to maintain healthy and good looking skin, you need to moisturise both from the outside and from the inside. The way to moisturise your skin from the inside is by drinking enough water.

  • Water helps keep your kidneys healthy. Kidneys are the primary toxin excretory organs in the body. They rid the blood of water-soluble nitrogenous wastes obtained from uric acid, urea and breakdown of proteins through urine. When you are dehydrated, the kidneys need to reduce the amount of water excreted through urine to maintain other water dependent bodily functions.

This makes the process of toxin removal in the kidneys less efficient evidenced by more concentrated urine that is darker in colour and more odorous. If this goes on for long, it could increase your risk for kidney stones.

  • Normal bowel function. Adequate hydration will ensure things are flowing in your gastrointestinal tract to keep you from being constipated. When you’re dehydrated, your colon will absorb more water from your stool to provide more water to your thirsty body which results in a dry stool or constipation.

Drinking adequate water helps you maintain good health, more energy, and good looking skin. And remember, over-hydration can be an issue too, so keep your water consumption at healthy levels for the best results.

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