6 Must Have Home Tools of 2017

6 Must Have Home Tools of 2017

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If you have a house, then you’d know that problems might come up at any moment. You would need to mend the staircase, or even take care of your attic or the running tap. Why? Because plumbers and electricians might not be available as soon as you call them, and the minimum damage control needs to be done before you can proceed with the replacement.

If you are confused about what tools you should have or how to make sure that your home doesn’t have issues like running tap or mold or emergency plumbing problems, you can check out Home Tip Top. You can also check out the following must have tools for your home.

#1: Drills

A drill and a battery powered drill driver can come in handy at different times, and in situations you haven’t even thought of. If you buy a pack of drill bits with a good selection of square and slotted drive bits that will cover all types of repair jobs in your house.

#2: Crescent Wrench

If you are planning to repair the sink tap, you’d need a crescent wrench. However, here’s a trick, you don’t need to buy different types and sizes of wrenches available. All you need to do is buy an adjustable crescent wrench, and your problem will be solved. The adjustable version of the crescent wrench comes with different size of ratchets, and this is why you can adjust different bolts and screws with it.

#3: Extension Cord

Keeping an extension cord might be an intelligent choice, especially during any type of celebrations or festivals. You never know when you might need to get hold of some extra wires to add some lights to a dark corner. It’s great to be always prepared, isn’t it?

#4: Hacksaw

The list of must have home tools is incomplete without a cutting tool, which is a hacksaw. You can get an all-purpose hacksaw, which is bigger than an all-purpose utility knife, for less than $20. Contrary to the utility knife, you can hack off plastic and metal pipes, tubes, conduits, brackets, woods, and bolts with a hacksaw.

#5: Tape Measure

A retractable and lockable tape measure is an absolute necessity, if you are planning for some DIY improvements in your house. This is indispensible, when you are planning out your window curtains, or you have to measure the carpet area of your floor, before you buy a Persian carpet.

#6: Step Stool

Standing in a chair might be easy while you are changing a bulb, but standing on a step stool is more practical. What’s more, a step stool is sturdier than your average chair, and you can easily dust all the cobwebs out of your room by just moving up a step.

So, now that you know about these amazing must have home tools, it’s time you get your house stocked with this. Do you have something which you think should be added to the list? Leave your comments below!


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