6 Easy Ways to Childproof Your Garage

6 Easy Ways to Childproof Your Garage

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We don’t always consider the garage as a place that could be dangerous for children to play in, but that’s not the case. There are many dangers lurking in the garage that coupled with child curiosity could turn to potential dangers. If your garage is your DIY work area, you will need to make sure to keep your power tools and materials under lock and key. Even if you only use the garage to park your car and store unneeded items, you’ll still have to make sure you kids don’t get hurt by falling boxes or a car that’s improperly parked. Fortunately, it only takes a few easy steps to childproof your garage. In this article, we’ll show you how.


Teach Your Children Garage Door are not a Toy

The garage door is the heaviest part of your home, and needless to say are not a toy for your children to play with. Tell your kids not to use the control panel or the remote to play with the garage door. Tell them not to climb on the reinforcements or crawl under the half-opened door. Make sure that they always stand back when you use the garage door and not to use the joints to close the door. Finally, make sure you have your garage door inspected annually to see if the mechanism is holding up.

Store Dangerous and Flammable Items and Chemicals under Lock and Key

If you use your garage to store toxic cleaning agents or any flammable materials like paint, make sure you keep them locked in a storage compartment and not in the open for your kids to find. Anything that might harm your children such as power tools, sharp objects or chemicals should be stored under lock and key, as kids are oddly drawn to them.

Unplug Any Devices

If you use power tools in the garage, make sure to unplug them whenever you’re not using them, even if it’s just to quickly leave for the bathroom. One careless second is enough to seriously harm your child. Make sure all electrical devices are stored either behind a lock or away from your kid’s reach.

Lock Your Car

If you park your car in the garage always make sure to lock the car before leaving. Kids love to play adults and driving a car is one of their biggest dreams. If you leave your car unlocked your kids may easily slam their fingers when closing the car door or even worse figure out how to start the car. Never underestimate their determination.

Make Sure They Have Nothing to Climb On

Your little misfits might find the storage boxes piled one on top of the other a great imaginary mountain to climb, but they could easily lose their hold and fall or worse, have the storage boxes fall on top of them. Make sure to keep the ladder out of their reach and remove any hanging ropes. Install high shelves and don’t pile storage boxes on top of each other.

Keep an Eye on Them

Even if you follow all of the tips above, your kids might still find a way to get hurt. Whenever they are in the garage, make sure they’re not left unsupervised. Make sure the garage door are open so you can see them and react if they get into trouble.

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