6 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

6 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

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There is nothing worse than coming back home after a tiring day and seeing a whole bunch of dirty clothes just sitting there in the basin, and the only option you have is to wash each of them with your bare hands. Well! Too much of physical exertion I’d say! But don’t fret guys, the early 19th century witnessed the invention of the washing machine, and since then washing your way to cleaner clothes just became a whole lot easier and efficient.

Washing machines have become a crucial commodity in an Indian household these days and have made the modern lifestyle these days a lot easier.

IFB washing machine is the number one brand of washing machines in India today.

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6 of the best washing machine brands currently ruling the market in India are:

  • IFB: IFB washing machine currently tops the list among the 6 best washing machine brands in India. The average number of people using its high standard washing machines is extremely high, which would explain why it is the most trusted washing machine brands in India. IFBbasically makes use of German Technology that employs various smart sensors to facilitate much more efficient washing techniques. IFB washing machine is also well known for using less detergent and electricity, thereby giving your clothes a cleaner and softer wash. Other unique features of IFB machines include the 3D system, aqua energy, audio/LED indication and also 3D water technology. IFB machines come in a wide variety of brands including semi-automatic and fully automatic.
  • LG: LG is second on the list of the 6 best brands of washing machines in India. LG is basically a South Korean company that manufactures washing machines which are energy efficient, intuitive and responsive. LG washing machines also possess some amazing features like anintensive wash, hygiene wash, inverter direct drive technology and winkle
  • Whirlpool:Whirlpool washing machines basically stand on 3rd position among the 6 best brands in India. powerful washing machines that are adequately equipped with amazing features like hot wash, spa wash system, 99.9 germ protection, agitronics. In addition to these, they also work efficiently and consume less power.
  • Samsung: Samsung occupies the 4th spot in the top 6 brands of washing machines in India. It is a South Korean company that manufactures washing machines that come in wide varieties such as front/top loading fully automatic and semi-automatic. Their washing machines are also packed with many of the latest features like quiet drive motor, ecobubble technology, eco-drum clean and aqua control technology.
  • Bosch: Bosch is one of Germany’s largest consumer appliance companies in Europe and occupies the 5th spot in the best brands of washing machines in India. Bosch washing machines basically come with remarkable features like 140-degree opening door, unbalance load sensor, program process indication, temperature control and end of cycle buzz. It also has an amazing customer service.
  • Videocon: Videocon is the 6th best brand of washing machines in India. Videocon supplies semi and fully automatic washing machines. Some of its remarkable features include quick wash, fuzzy logic, child lock, memory backup and delay start.

So go ahead, buy yourselves the perfect washing machine and say goodbye to all the dirty clothes!


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