5 Ways to Make Your Shower Amazing in Prince George

5 Ways to Make Your Shower Amazing in Prince George

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Showers are the best. Most people love hot showers, but there are a few out there that prefer cold showers or alternating between hot and cold, too. Your shower is the place where all the magic happens; where you rejuvenate and prepare for a new day. Whether you’re a proponent of the morning shower, the night shower, or the anytime you can fit it in shower, here are five ways you can improve your shower and make it more amazing.

Read on to find out all about it.

5 Ways to Make Your Shower Amazing
1. Add some decals to the floor if you prefer it to a bath mat.

Bath mats can be tough to clean and accumulate build up quickly. Solve this problem by scrapping your silicone mat and putting stickers in its place! Sticker decals come in a variety of patterns, shapes and colours and are a fun way to provide some texture and safety to your shower. Make your shower amazing – who wouldn’t be happy when they’re looking down at a bunch of smiling jellyfish decals?

2. Make sure your hot water situation is on point.

One of the top ways to make your shower amazing is to ensure that you always have the option to have the hottest of showers. Lovers of hot showers will recognize the importance of having hot showers when they need them, but if your water heater isn’t up to par, that can be tough. You can consult a heating contractor if your heater isn’t working the way it should.

A heating contractor will be able to see if you need to replace it with new water heaters in Prince George. Once you get a new heater in the mix, you may find that your hot showers suddenly get a lot hotter and last a lot longer! If this sounds good to you, check out water heaters in Prince George and see if there are some models you like.

3. Drop some homemade shower melts on the floor.

If you’re congested, making some homemade shower melts can really make a big difference. Menthol or eucalyptus infused tablets release into the steam of a hot shower, which you then inhale. This will break up your congestion and promote airways that are open and not clogged, painful, and part of a horrible cold that will just not relent. You can easily find recipes by checking online.

  1. Add a shower radio or stereo.

    Trust us, if you have not been incorporating music into your showers, you have been missing out. Go with a showerproof, waterproof unit with a shower radio or just hit play on a stereo system or player you have in the bathroom. Take your shower to the next level by adding some of your favourite music and rocking out. It makes taking showers even more enjoyable, if that were even possible.

    5. Get the perfect shower curtain.

    The final step to having an amazing shower is to get the perfect shower curtain. Don’t settle for a plain curtain when there are so many cool options. You can have a jungle pattern, raindrops on a flower, deer in the woods, a tropical paradise, and way more. There are so many designs and places and themes that you are bound to find one that you really love. It just really pulls the room together and makes your shower look cool – and who doesn’t want that?