5 Things To Remember When You Make Your Move (To A New Place)

5 Things To Remember When You Make Your Move (To A New Place)

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If you are planning a big move, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with the complications of the process. And that can lead you to overlook some basic responsibilities that can then result in making the whole thing all the more stressful.  Knowing this, then, paying attention to these five Kenwood Moving & Storage things you need to remember when planning an interstate move.

#1:  Give Two Weeks Notice

No, we aren’t talking about your job here; this is about sending the post office your official change of address form.  It can take two weeks (or more) to finalize this process and you really don’t want to move into your home without also receiving your mail there.  It just wouldn’t make sense!


#2:  Get Top Billing

No, we aren’t talking about becoming famous, but if you don’t also notify your creditors about your change of address, they might hunt you down like you are infamous.  So, help yourself avoid unnecessary fees and charges by notifying the utility companies, etc, that you are planning to move.  This heads up can also help you in terms of getting your utilities set up after the move.

#3:  Get a [Professional] Move On

No, don’t rush around; in this case we are talking about hiring an experienced, professional moving company. Yes, it can be an added expense, but, as with most things, it will most definitely be worth it.  It will make everything so much easier (and probably also move more quickly, too).

#4:  Take Your Measurements

No, really, measure everything.  Measure your furniture but also don’t forget to measure the doors and hallways of your new house. It would not be very fun if you spent money on a professional mover and went through the trouble of packing up your stuff only to find that you can’t get that couch through the hallway or that dresser up the stairs.

#5:  Be Careful

Ok, that was a little broad.  Basically, just note what you are packing and how you are packing them.  Do not get distracted, especially when you are packing things that might be dangerous.  If you feel the need to bring any corrosive, explosive, and flammable materials with you to your new place (instead of, say, replacing them) label their storage containers boldly and always be extra careful when transporting them.

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