5 Small Home Features That Make a Huge Difference in Toronto

5 Small Home Features That Make a Huge Difference in Toronto

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When it comes to your home, small touches can really make a big difference. There’s wearing clothes and then there’s fashion, and it’s much the same when it comes to your house. Some people naturally have good taste and style, while others don’t even really know what parts of their home design are important to focus on.

Today we’re here to help you out with everything from door knobs to sink ideas. Read on to find out more and start getting your home decoration inspiration!

5 Small Home Features That Make a Huge Difference

  1. Door Knobs

When it comes to door hardware in Toronto, the door knobs you pick matter! While you may think that the door hardware that you pick doesn’t need to be that much of a time focused process, the truth is that a good knob looks great and a bad one just doesn’t. Since it is often the first thing that you or a guest will see on their way in to your home, try to make sure that you really know the style that you want because it’s good to start with the door hardware in Toronto and work your way on to other things.

  1. Sinks

The sinks in your home really draw a lot of attention for such a functional thing. What can we say? The sink is a major draw for any home – it’s where you wash your hands, get a glass of water, or place your dishes at the end of the night. Somehow, they just naturally attract people’s focus.

You want your sink to look great and be an attraction in its own right, as it will be a part of any bathroom or kitchen and either add to the overall look or detract from it. When it comes to sinks, be sure you’re picking something that is able to be designed around and included. Bronze or gold sinks look good with any colour or design, so perhaps consider those for your remodel.

  1. Cabinet Hardware and Knobs

The knobs that you put on your cabinets are just as important as those on your door. Choosing knobs can be hard, but generally, people know if they are more of a crystal diamond person or a basic round button to pull open type of person. Choosing these is kind of like picking your personality type in a knob – just don’t forget to make it something you can style the kitchen around.

  1. Your Shower

Your shower is something that is modern and charming or antique and frankly better left to the dump. A shower can make or break the look of your home, and while it is the largest item featured here, it’s also the centerpiece of any bathroom, so pick something sleek and nice. Do it over entirely and install something new if you have to!

  1. Quality Counters and Tile

When it comes to your counters, they either look very cheap, middle of the way, or very nice. If your counters were installed in the eighties or earlier, they probably don’t fall into the category of very nice. If your counters are over 20 years old or just dreadful in style, consider redoing them – it’ll allow the whole room to really shine.