5 Signs You Need A New Roof

5 Signs You Need A New Roof

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Your home’s roof isone of the most importantparts of the house. It is what protects the other components of the structure,and the house’s inside from the elements. And while nobody would be pleased to pay for a complete roof overhaul, it is important that worn roofs are replaced expeditiously to avoid damage to other components of the building and to avoid serious incidents such as a collapsed roof.

You need to inspect your roof at least twice a year (after each extreme season i.e. winter and summer) to see how it is holding up. Look out for the following signs when inspecting your roof to know whether you need to get a new one (Roofspec).

  1. Missing slates, tiles or shingles. In general, leaks or damp areas in the house will indicate slipped, cracked or worn roof tiles which will require replacement. If you inspect your roof from the inside and notice any signs of leaks or water damage, make sure the damaged roof is repaired as soon as possible to prevent escalation of the problem. If the number of missing or worn tiles is great, or leaks are a persistent problem, it is a clear indication that the entire roof will need replacing.


  1. Sagging roof. This is especially an issue with flat roofs where exposure to extreme conditions and extra weight from snow and water can impact the functionality of the roof causing the boards to buckle and break. This will result in a sagging roof. Unfixed leaks could also cause the roofs support structure to decay reducing its ability to hold the roof’s weight. A sagging roof creates a rather dangerous and unsafe structure that could collapse unexpectedly. If you notice signs of sagging, it means that your roof is in need of an immediate overhaul.


  1. Daylight filtering through the roof boards. Inspect your home’s roof from the attic to see if sunlight is filtering through the roof boards. If it is, you should seek help from a professional to get the situation properly examined. Roof boards that are excessively damaged require urgent attention and in some cases could require the entire roof to be replaced.
  1. Your roof’s life expectancy. Different types of roofs have different life expectancies with the average being between 20–25 years. Depending on how the initial installation was done and how well you have been maintaining it, your roof can last beyond its life expectancy or deteriorate faster than expected. If your roof is at the end of its expected life and generally looks old and worn, then it’s time to get a new one
  1. Buckling and curling shingles. If you notice that your shingles are buckling or curling, it is a sign that you might need a new roof.Curling and buckling is most evident on the slopes of the roof that receive the most sunlight. You might also notice that the shingles have lost their granules which are meant to protect them from adverse weather conditions. Both of these signs indicate worn shingles that require replacement.


While a complete overhaul of your roof can be a costly affair, it is important that you get it done as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs to avoid damage to other parts of the house as well as to avoid putting your family in harm’s way.

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