5 Reasons To Buy A Walk in Shower

5 Reasons To Buy A Walk in Shower

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Do you dream of that herbal essences soak in the morning? Have you thought about having a walk in shower but don’t want to take the ‘plunge’? I’m here to give you some insights into the benefits of a walk in shower and why it may be the best purchase you’ll make.

So what is a walk in shower? A walk in shower constitutes a showering area that does not have a hinged door – essentially allowing you to ‘walk in’. A popular design of the walk in shower is to have a wet-room styled floor, which is usually tiled, and a shower mat lay below the tiles.

Another common design feature is to have glass surrounding the walk in shower that may be frameless to shield the rest of the bathroom from the spray from the shower.


With that said, let’s look at the 5 reasons that you should buy a walk in shower.

  1. There are some great practical advantages


One of the big benefits when it comes to walk in showers is their practicality. Compared to traditional enclosures a walk in shower offers a door and step free enclosure which can be great for people with limited mobility such as the elderly or even young children who may struggle to lift their legs when getting into a traditional bath.

On the child note, walk in showers can actually be useful because of the space and if you have more than one child you could easily allow them to shower together saving time and water.

  1. They save space


If you’re looking to save space in your bathroom (or if you just want to create the illusion of it) a walk in shower will do just the trick. Bulky cubicle trays, wide swinging doors and various other elements of traditional enclosures can eat into the space of a room causing it to look cluttered. With a walk in shower, especially a wet-room type, can mould into a bathroom flawlessly with the right planning and can really open up the space.

  1. Simple Maintenance


With minimal hardware comes minimal cleaning and who doesn’t love less cleaning? With no door handles, hinges, plastic shower doors and faucets to scrub a walk in shower provides the minimum cleaning time.

Most walk in showers come with easy to clean tempered glass, which makes it incredibly simple to just wipe down.

  1. A Designer Look that Adds Value


The sleek, minimalist and modern design gives walk in showers a ‘luxe’ feel, which can boost the valuation of a home. It is widely known that kitchen and bathroom can be game changers when they’re looking to buy a property and therefore investing in those areas is a shroud move. Installing a walk in shower will be a long-term benefit if you decide to sell your property in the future.

  1. They’re durable


Compared to traditional enclosures it is widely acknowledged that walk in showers can stand the test of time. Traditional enclosures are normally open to aging and rotting – whereas walk in showers are normally robust and can last a longer time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something to invest in long-term, a walk in shower may very well be the answer.