5 Quick Tips for Washing Concrete Driveways

5 Quick Tips for Washing Concrete Driveways

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Having a driveway can mean a boost in the value of your property. It also means another thing you need to budget time to maintain.

For those of you that groan at the prospect of cleaning concrete driveways, know that giving your concrete a high-quality wash is easy! Doing so makes it looks years newer and bolsters the overall effervescence of your home.

To learn how to clean your driveway we’ve written up the following quick guide:

Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways in 5 Simple Steps

1) Sweep

Before pressure washing your driveway, you’re going to want to sweep off any debris. This includes dirt, leaves and anything else that may impede your ability to get the deep clean you’re looking for.

A standard push broom is the tool you need for this job!

Start at the top of your driveway and work your way to its mouth. If your driveway has significant debris, collect and dispose of them properly rather than dumping into the street or onto your lawn.

2) Take Precautions

When pressure washing, the high velocity water stream can lead to accidental damage. To avoid this, cover any surfaces that may get caught in the line of fire.

Walls, doors, windows etc. may need covering or at very least, need you to pay close attention to them to ensure they don’t accidentally get sprayed. Finally, look at your pressure washer’s manual.

A pressure washer’s safety instructions should help you take any additional measures you need to make sure your property and the people around it are kept safe.

3) Degrease Your Concrete Surface

Pressure washers will kick up most of the dirt and grime baked into your driveway. Grease can be particularly tricky to get rid of though.

To help with this process, spray a degreaser on the surface of your driveway and let it sit for 5 minutes prior to moving onto the next step.

4) Spray Detergent

Attach the special tip commonly labeled “soap” to your pressure washer. After that’s attached, add detergent to your pressure washer into its detergent container. Once that’s in place you can begin to dispense the detergent onto your concrete driveway in an even, controlled fashion.

Be sure to let the detergent sit for 5 – 10 minutes before beginning your pressure wash.

5) Begin Pressure Washing

After the detergent has settled you can begin to pressure wash your concrete. Make sure the pressure washing tip is attached to your washer and begin dispensing water evenly across your driveway.

You’ll want to be as controlled as possible during this step to ensure your cleaning looks uniform and not splotchy in certain areas.

Places with particularly tough oil or paint stains may require more time under the pressure washer to fully dissolve.

To Wrap It Up

Having a concrete driveway is convenient and can increase the value of your home. Still, in order to fully enjoy the benefits it brings, you’ll want to keep it in good shape.

Pressure washing your driveway is an excellent way to maintain its condition and boost your home’s curb appeal!

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