5 Painting Tips Recommended by House Painters in Melbourne

5 Painting Tips Recommended by House Painters in Melbourne

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Painting a house can be one of the most rewarding and fun projects you can imagine and an interesting experience for anyone. It can also transform the overall appearance of your home in a significant way. If you’re thinking about transforming your home for the better, house painting may be the right project for you to take on. Here are five top painting tips from home painters in Melbourneto help you achieve house painting success.

Explore Your Many Optionsfor Colours

Changing the interior or exterior colour of your house can make a huge difference to its appearance. You should make a point to consider all youravailable colour optionsbeforehand to ensure you choose colours that suit your home. For example, if you’re looking to establish an outdoor space that’s elegant yet understated, you should go for exterior paint colours that are on the cool side, such as colours with blue, green and white tones. If you’re interested in establishing an outdoor space that’s calming and more traditional, you should think about selecting a shade of brown.

You should also assess your goals when you select colours for your interiors. For example, if you reside in a property that’s located right by the water, you can reflect this by painting your interiorsa blend of both white and blue.

Think About Environmental Factors

House painting requires a lot of preparation, even for professional home painters in Melbourne. If you want your upcoming house painting project to go off without a hitch, you need to think things through carefully in advance. For instance, you need to consider the weather if you want to ensure things go as smoothly and easily as possible for an exterior painting project.Try to aim for a period of the year that’s nice and dry, with minimal humidity and rainfall if possible. Paint requires some time to properly dry and itdoesn’t stick well to surfaces that are wet in any way.

Prioritise Neat and Clean Trim and Siding

All house painters in Melbourne will tell you it’s vital to make neat and cleantrim and siding big priorities, as paint won’t stick neatly to unclean or rough surfaces. If you want your painting project to proceed without any issues, you should exhaustively wash all trim and siding beforehand. If you notice the presence of any paint that’s blistering or chipping, you should sand this to make it smooth.

Use Primer

If you’ve had previous experience with painting, then you should already know that primer is your best friend. Using a primer coating prior to doing anything else will ensure your paint properly sticks to the surface of your house. You can then finish witha coating of your colourof choice.

Begin High and Go Low

People who are eager to do excellent work should think in detail about their painting approach. Never approach a painting project in a random manner. Start everything high, and go lower as you progress. This can help you manage any frustrating streaking that may occur. Don’t panic if you experience dribbling of paint, as starting high means you can address this problem later on.

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