5 Of The Most Popular Commercial Locks

5 Of The Most Popular Commercial Locks

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Commercial locks were invented for a reason, and that is to withstand a large number of people going in and out the same door everyday for about five to six days in a week. It requires strength and high-quality material to be able to endure a constant close and open motion.

With constant innovations combined with stronger material, there are now many different types of locks that work perfectly for businesses and commercial buildings. Each lock has its purpose,and that’s why it works best outside a residential setting. If you want to learn more about commercial locksmith services, you can visit Locksmith Sydney and view their list of options.

For the various types of commercial locks you can use, here are five of the most popular ones.

  1. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks have been used for commercial purposes for years thanks to its general strength. It can stand up to constant and consistent use making it ideal for high volumes of foot traffic. If you have a big office, mortise locks are one of the best options you have.

Aside from its reliable external feature, it also has an impressive internal system which consists of several key elements that provide users with an extremely secure commercial door lock. If durability is what you’re looking for, look no further than a mortise lock.

  1. Keypad Door Locks

Another type of commercial lock that works best with a big company is a keypad door lock. Although this kind of security is now often used in residential environments, a keypad lock is mainly recommended for large business because of the convenience it offers. Here, you don’t even need to bring a key. All you have to do is input the security access code,and you are in. This system can be tricky when it experiences errors, so be sure to be ready for any office lock repair according to Locksmith Sydney to avoid further problems.

  1. Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks is another type that is commonly used in the commercial industry. Similar to the mortise lock, a cylindrical lever offers durability even with high volumes of foot traffic. It can be operated with a key or a combination of both a key and a push button. This variety makes for a great emergency lockout plan.

  1. Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks are a type of electronic door lock that can be combined with a panic bar or a keypad door lock. This makes it a multipurpose lock and is one of the reasons why it is popular in commercial buildings. However, there are two general kinds of electric strike locks,and you need to choose carefully between the two. Consult with a professional locksmith whether you want a fail-safe or a fail-secure lock before having an electric strike lock installed.

  1. Panic Or Crash Bars

The panic or crash bar was invented to allow for easier access to the exit door. It isn’t a traditional commercial door lock since it is keyless. However, it makes for a great emergency exit because it doesn’t require any excess effort or skill to open it.

Final Words

Whether big or small, your office or commercial building needs the best lock system to ensure the security of everyone. Make sure to consult with an expert locksmith first before installing the security you want.

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