5 Interesting Facts about Concrete Worktops

5 Interesting Facts about Concrete Worktops

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The concrete worktop remains a favourite for industrial and domestic schemes. From the nature of its design, which is known to withstand heavy duty use, to its flat and smooth surface, the concrete remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of worktops. Concrete worktops come in a mix of colour between white and grey but can be mixed with other colour pigments that suit your fancy.

Here are some interesting facts about concrete worktops you should know.

They Are Very Flexible and Fit Well

In the course of designing, you get the chance to mould the concrete worktop to suit your taste. If you intend using it for industrial purposes, concrete worktops is just perfect. It also incredibly fits the kitchen as you needn’t worry about your kitchen type. Whatever the kitchen décor you are considering, concrete worktops will give your kitchen the glam you desire.

They are Highly Durable

The concrete worktop remains one of the most durable worktop materials you can lay your hands on. You can be sure to have it in good condition for an incredibly long duration of time as they are made from concrete. So if you prefer function over aesthetics and will like to save some money, concrete worktops are the perfect choice.

They Require Sealing

For best result, concrete worktop should be sealed with a food-grade sealer.  You might prefer to make use of a finishing wax instead. Unsealed concrete worktops are more challenging to maintain because concretes are very porous. Sealants help to prevent the worktop from absorbing water or stain.

They are Eco-Friendly

Made from water, sand, fly ash, silica fume and cement, concretes are one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world and are therefore environmentally friendly. Other worktops make use of materials such as plastics, resins, and other synthetic materials are not considered green.

Not All Concrete Worktops Are Grey and Smooth

We’ve gone past the times when concrete worktops were grey, smooth and drab. Nowadays, stone-like textures, veined finish, mirror smoothness and others finishes are all possible. Additives and polishing techniques can also to create a finished worktop that looks nothing like concrete.

So when thinking worktops, be it kitchen worktop, retail worktop, restaurant/ bar tops, or worktops in your company, your best bet is the concrete worktop.