5 Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

5 Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

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You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your bathroom. Sure, you know it is there when you need it and it is probably a clean and comfortable space, but a space that mostly remains out of sight-out of mind.  Indeed, this is a sanctuary, and you should treat it as such; so when you buy a home it is important to think about bathroom designs.

And here are the most popular Cuisines Modena bathroom design concepts on today’s housing market:

TREND #1:  Small and Efficient

As housing (and rental) prices soar, interior square footage becomes more and more precious (and harder and harder to come by).  Essentially, that means you have to do more with less if you want to find something that is affordable. One way that people are doing this is to design a small and efficient bathroom (or buy a home that already has one).  Fixtures are smaller than they have been before, but make better use of the space. To help the space feel bigger than it is, though, you can employ smart and creative tiling and other design elements.

TREND #2:  High Tech Toilets

Just because toilets are getting smaller (along with basins and standalone tubs), it doesn’t mean they have to work harder. Indeed, they can now work smarter with the addition of several features like automatic lid openers, slow closing lids, seat warmers, air dryers, and built-in deodorizers.

TREND #3:  Gold and Brass Fixtures

Subtle, earthy gold and brass tones are making a comeback. Consider these shades for the faucet and other fixtures, and to really make these accents pop consider painting the walls (or installing tiling) a slate or gray color.  The cool, neutral gray helps to highlight the warmth of such natural-colored accents.

TREND #4:  Vanity Lighting

Traditionally, the vanity area of the bathroom consists of four elements:  cabinet, countertop, faucet, and hardware. Mirrors and lighting, though, help to accentuate these elements.  So the trend these days is to think about these aspects in tandem, to determine the best way to make them work together.

TREND #5:  Hidden Heat

For all of humanity, we needed slippers to protect our feet from the cold floor, especially at night.  We no longer need to worry about this, since one modern bathroom trend is to install heating elements under the floor as well as under the countertops.