5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Up Parking Signs in a Parking Area

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Up Parking Signs in a Parking Area

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The parking areas in and around your facility; school, property, campus, marina and other places need right Parking Signs to keep the area organised and safe. If you are about to put up new signs in the area, then ensure that you don’t commit these five common mistakes mentioned herein.

If you have a parking lot, looking after the safety of the vehicles, pedestrians, motorists and the parking lot itself is no easy task. While the state and local governments offer rules and regulations, these rules do not ensure complete safety. You can use the right signs in the parking lot to increase the safety and keep the area organised.

But when putting up the signs in your parking area, make sure that you do not commit the mistakes mentioned below-

  • Selecting the wrong size of signs

If the signs cannot be viewed from a distance clearly, there is no use of putting up the signs in your parking lot. While smaller signs can be cheaper, they cannot be seen by the motorists or drivers and can result in accidents.

Spend some more money on the Parking Signs and go for a bigger size to make sure that they are easy to see even from a distance. Not to forget, always opt for high-quality signs as they last much longer.

  • Wrong placement of the sign

Just like the size of the sign, there is no use of a parking lot sign if you place them at the wrong location. There is a possibility that other vehicles might block the sign or you might place them along with many other signs, posters or banners.

Make sure that you place the signs where they can be easily seen and needed. The right placement will also provide drivers with some time to respond to a sign and can avoid accidents.

  • Not maintaining the signs

Another common mistake that a lot of people commit is placing up a sign and then forgetting it. This is the reason why you can find several signs which have faded, outdated, damaged or obstructed.

These signs cannot be read properly or might provide inaccurate information. Properly maintaining the signs on a regular basis can avoid this problem.

  • Selecting the wrong contrast

While the colour of the sign is important, its contrast is equally important too. The text of the sign should easily stand out from the background colour. The text should be easily readable from a distance.

Also, there are some specific colours on the parking signs which convey a particular meaning. Know these colours when designing the sign.

  • Not using speed limit signs

While roadway signs are not truly designed for parking lots, the increasing number of small accidents in the parking areas has made them a handy option. For instance, you can use speed limit signs to ensure that people do not drive very fast in the parking lot.

Many of the parking areas also use painted arrows to regulate the traffic within, but a lot of times these arrows are not visible and can result in confusion. Rather than the arrows, it is better to use “Do Not Enter” and “One Way” signs.

Signs are a simple, constructive and cost-effective way to ensure enhanced safety in a parking lot. The signs keep the drivers and motorists informed and everything is organised. Note the mistakes mentioned above when putting them up and they will surely deliver the results that you expect.

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