5 Best Ideas for Your Basement Kitchen

5 Best Ideas for Your Basement Kitchen

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Recently basement renovations have become a real trend in Toronto. Adding a kitchen to your finished basement can be an exciting investment. As it can be an excellent selling point in future or a great place for entertaining and hosting at present. Parties, movie nights, the ability to create a separate living space downstairs are just a few benefits you get with a basement kitchen. Keep in contact with your contractor and make sure you are both on the same page to avoid any miscommunications. As a homeowner, you have a variety of options to include in your new basement kitchen. Here, in this post we gathered a few things that will significantly optimize your installation without dong only ordinary kitchen pantry installation.


It might seem sensible to save on quality materials in the basement, but countertops are one thing you should not cut your costs. Durable materials like cambria or granite will be helpful in maintenance, besides, your basement kitchen area will not get worn down over time.


If do not have enough space for a refrigerator in basement kitchen, then you can always have one recessed, installed under the countertops. This is a very convenient solution for serving food or drinks and storing leftovers without running up and down the stairs plus occupying too much space in your main kitchen’s fridge.

 Microwave and Oven

How can a kitchen be a kitchen without an oven, a toaster oven or a microwave in your finished basement ?! They are perfect for heating your food, making popcorn (only think about your movie nights!), baking or roasting whatever you wish without constant running up and down the stairs

 Bar Area

Installing a bar is a must-have in any basement kitchen, though the choice between a wet or a dry bar is entirely up to you and your budget. As the main difference between a wet bar and a dry bar is in water usage. Unlike wet bars that are equipped with running water and a sink and more suitable for basement apartments, a dry bars are only for serving beverages, without running water hooked up to them. Many homeowners also prefer to install a wine fridge in finished basements.

Popcorn Machines

It cannot add much to your kitchen renovation costs, but will be a great idea for a quiet date night or family movie nights.

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