4 Ways to Use Rustic Antlers

4 Ways to Use Rustic Antlers

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Using Antlers to Achieve a Rustic Feeling Home

Rustic décor is timeless. It incorporates natural elements for a style that creates a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere.  Rustic antlers can add a special and unique element in your creation of a rustic style.

What is rustic décor?

What entails a rustic style anyways? With any style, the idea of “rustic” is subjective and is completely open to interpretation of the individual. What is rustic to one person may not be rustic to someone else. Like with any style, rustic décor has both hard and fluid boundaries that help define it.

In a general sense, many accept the rustic style as one which uses furniture, furnishing or any other home accessories that are unique or handmade. The style looks authentic. Every piece looks specially curated. It does not have a commercial, widely manufactured sort of feel. Popular furniture pieces to achieve a rustic look include many hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and cherry. The rustic style is timeless and classy, yet not extravagantly expensive.   However, some people spend a fortune to achieve a truly rustic look, that’s often not what a rustic style is intended to convey.

How to Use Antlers in Your Rustic Style Home

Rustic antler decor is a great and unique way of incorporating home accessories into your rustic style décor. One of the best qualities of rustic styles is that you have a whole lot of freedom in your own special home creation. Rustic antlers are a great choice for a rustic home accessory. It’s not something that a lot of rustic styles incorporate because it is more on the daring side of rustic elements. It’s actually quite easy to blend your elements together with your rustic antlers to create a style that you adore.

4 Ways to Use Your Rustic Antlers

  1. Mount them

This is the most obvious option for your rustic antler decor. You can mount them on plaques, or directly to the wall. It’s an easy way to show off many antlers if you’ve been collecting them and it’s one of the cheapest options too.

  1. Make unique wall art

Nothing is more rustic than hand making your home accessories yourself. A wreath of clean, white antlers in a circle or decorating your antlers with flowers for a wall mounting can really creating a natural and moving element that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

  1. Use rustic antler as a way to hang items

This is a great option because can be applied to a wide variety of rooms and it’s totally functional. A wooden or white-painted antler to hang towels in the bathroom, hang jewelry in your bedroom, towels in your kitchen or hats and coats in the coat closet or closet area, makes for a really cool and fresh rustic styling element.

  1. Create a one-of-a-kind, unique furnishing

Incorporate your rustic antlers into your home furnishings. There are several DIYs to help you create an antler chandelier or to use rustic antlers as table legs for a kitchen or coffee table.

There are truly countless ways to incorporate antlers into your home. Whatever way you decide to incorporate the antlers into your rustic home, make sure it’s an element that is uniquely you.