4 Ways to Getting Your Home’s Windows Immaculately Clean

4 Ways to Getting Your Home’s Windows Immaculately Clean

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So you’ve just made a mug of coffee and now look forward to spending a few minutes in silence by the windows. Once you settled into your favorite spot and gazed into the windows, all you see is a film of dust, grime, and crud. Indeed, these are not the best sights when all you wanted to do was relax.

Now, you’re itching to wash and clean your windows, so they return to their clean state. But how do you go about it? These are the ways.

Pick a Cloudy Day

If it’s a sunny day today, you better move the cleaning schedule to tomorrow or when it’s cloudy. The sun can dry the cleaning solution off quickly before you can wipe it out, making the windows look even more dirty and streaky.

Use a Vacuum

Before you proceed to the main event, which is washing your windows, you need to get rid of all the dust, pollen and other debris that’s hanging by your window. A handheld vacuum with attachment can help you quickly accomplish this task. If the windows come with blinds, run the vacuum on the blinds closed and then run again with the blinds open to make sure you get all the dirt out.

Wash the Windows

Two of the most effective cleaning solutions for windows is just inside your kitchen: water and white vinegar. Just mix them in equal portions and dip a microfiber cloth or a squeegee. Wipe the windows with the solution and let sit for until dry. Transfer some of the cleaning solutions into a spray bottle then spray onto the windows, then wipe. Buff the windows with a newspaper to remove all the streaks.

Enjoy the Sight

Now that your windows are clean and immaculate you can now enjoy the view.

Keeping Your Windows Clean Longer

Windows will inevitably collect dust and crud. If you don’t clean for a long time, the deposits can harden and thicken, making them more difficult to remove. Also, certain circumstances can lead to dirty windows for a short period.

Dirty furnace filters and ducts that have become less efficient in filtering out dust and dirt in the air can lead to a higher concentration and build-up in the windows. Clean your pipes and filters regularly to reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere as well as improve air quality in your home.

Don’t smoke or light a candle near the windows. The smoke could develop into an ugly black film on the glass. Also, make sure to do your barbeques away from the windows. Grease and food stains could splatter into your windows which can soon harden if left unattended.


If you do clean your windows regularly, they should look good most days. However, if you’re hosting a party at home and you want to show off immaculately clean windows but don’t have the time to clean, you can hire a professional Houston window washing specialist. Overall, windows should be easy to clean if done on a consistent basis. Also, you need to make sure that your habits and actions don’t make your windows dirty, so mind where you put your barbeque the next time around.