4 Ways Glass Staircases Can Open Up Your Home

4 Ways Glass Staircases Can Open Up Your Home

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Make a glass staircase the focal point of your home, as doing so will allow you to make more of an impact, providing a more decorative feel to the property.

Glass is a material that offers timeless elegance. It can be used to complement the modern fittings you have within your home or it can make your traditional household more sophisticated and stylish.

As leading staircase manufacturers, Pear Stairs can be relied on to provide a glass staircase that enhances the overall appearance of the property. Here’s how you can benefit from a Pear Stairs glass staircase:

First impressions

Where first impressions are impeccable, you need to make sure your property is up to standard. A glass staircase is quickly becoming a popular choice for various types of properties, old and new. Using glass can make your home feel lighter, brighter and more welcoming. Our staircase designer tool can provide those who are looking for a bespoke solution, with the opportunity to create their dream staircase.

Add value

Who would’ve thought that a glass staircase could add glamour to your home? Pear Stairs have a wide range of stairs and stair parts to offer that can truly enhance the interior of your property.

If you’re looking to make your staircase stand out from the rest and open it up more, consider a glass staircase from Pear Stairs. Their iconic and sharp designs, can make your home a more contemporary place to live.

Make a statement

A glass staircase is perfect for upgrading any hallway. Regardless of whether your property is a small or large home, Pear Stairs can transform any area into an aesthetically pleasing stairway. If you’re considering making your home more sophisticated, you cannot go wrong with a glass staircase from Pear Stairs!

The design of your glass staircase is completely in your hands. We can tie your staircase in with the ambience of your home to really set the tone and to allow it to have a more tranquil and stylish finish.

Typically, wooden staircases are associated with more classical properties whilst glass is associated with modern builds, however, a glass staircasecan sit neatly in any home.

Let light in

If you have the need to make your property sparkle, you’re in capable hands with Pear Stairs. The glass staircase is symbolical of peace and serenity, not only is it used to allow you to get from A to B; it’s creates a gleaming centrepiece to your home.

More times than not, the staircase will be the first thing that visitors notice. A glass staircase will make your home more alluring and refreshing because it can reflect natural light to create an illusion of space and making your home feel brighter.

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