4 Tips for Comfortable Patio Outdoor Seating Arrangement

4 Tips for Comfortable Patio Outdoor Seating Arrangement

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Patios require unique design as well as attractive and functional furniture to make them fully useful. However, there is another thing you need to do before you can actually make it happen and that is patio seating arrangement. After spending hours on choosing the best outdoor furniture that compliments your patio, it would be a shame if you couldn’t find the perfect arrangement for it. The seating arrangement is unique for every patio; you just need to find it. Consider the following tips while arranging the outdoor furniture in your patio.

Direct the Traffic Flow

The most important thing about seating arrangements is the smooth flow of the traffic. When you are planning the arrangement, make sure to place the furniture in such a way that directs people to move around it, not through it. It can ruin a social gathering if people are constantly interrupting the conversation because they need to go to their seat. Consider the entrance and exit of your seating arrangement carefully. Also, try not to congest the same area too much.

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Choose a Focal Point

Every patio should have a focal point, both in design and seating arrangement. Place the furniture in a way that highlights the focal point of your patio. Moreover, you need to create a space that will serve as the heart of your patio, especially if the patio is large. You can place loveseats or single sofas all over the patio but it should have a larger seating arrangement that can accommodate many people at once. In case of smaller patios, try to keep the number of furniture to a single focal point. Another way to create a focal point is to add a bar in your patio as well.

Plan according to the Purpose

The seating arrangement in your patio majorly depends on its purpose, whether it is for personal use or formal gatherings. If you are going to hold many celebrations and parties in your patio, then you should choose symmetrical seating arrangement. They are easy to move about and also create a geometrical effect that is calming in case of large gatherings, which are sometimes confusing. On the other hand, if you want to use your patio mostly to spend some quality time alone or with your closest friends, then you should choose asymmetrical seating arrangement. This type of seating arrangement is casual and quirky. It is perfect for small gatherings.

Divide your Patio into Sections

The seating arrangement becomes difficult if you have a large outdoor patio. The patio can appear empty and inadequate if you don’t plan carefully.In addition to creating a main seating area, divide the patio into sections and arrange accordingly. For example, place high stools along the bar or create a circle around the fire pit. You can also place loungers along the swimming pool. It becomes easier to plan seating arrangement for large patios when you divide it into smaller sections. You can also create a romantic nook for spending time with your partner.