4 Reasons Windows In Shower and Tub Enclosures Are Essential

4 Reasons Windows In Shower and Tub Enclosures Are Essential

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Before indoor lighting that could handle high humidity was widely available, many older homes featured windows of some kind build into a shower stall or over a tub. This created natural lighting opportunities to help brighten up a room that may have been unsafe to light electrically in the past. While you’ve got plenty of lights to choose from today that are safe in a moist environment, there are still plenty of reasons to include bathtub enclosures with window openings in your remodeling project.

Natural Light

First, don’t underestimate the beauty of having natural light available while you’re showering. No light fixture can completely mimic the soft, flattering light that comes through a shower window, and it can transform your bathing experience. This lighting makes any shower or bath feel more relaxing and refreshing, as well as making the rest of the bathroom look better as well.

Easy Privacy

The biggest reason homeowners avoid windows in the shower and tub is because they don’t want to give their neighbors a free show while they’re showering. But bathtub enclosures with window openings don’t have to create a privacy risk in your bathroom. Installing frosted glass has been a way to let the light in and keep the view out since the turn of the century. If you’ve already got a window installed and it’s clear, you can either apply a frosted coating that is easy to remove, or try hanging a little shower curtain over the window.

Simple Installation

Another reason that homeowners put off the idea of a shower window is the fact that they assume it makes installation more difficult. While it does take a little extra work, pre-assembled shower enclosures that include a window opening make quick work of these extra steps. Any professional shower installer can easily add in a window installation without greatly increasing your costs or the time it takes to finish the remodeling project.

Plant Options

Finally, having a bay window installed gives you a chance to add some live plants to your shower to add a luxurious touch of green life to your daily bathing experience. Even if you don’t put the plants in the shower itself, a window lets in plenty of natural light for low-light plants clustered around the edges of the tub or your vanity sink. With live plants representing one of the hottest trends in modern bathroom decorating, a window is well worth considering.

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