4 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Infestation From Your Home

4 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Infestation From Your Home

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Bedbugs are never a friendly lot. These little fellows will rob you of your sleep if you don’t take enough care to save your skin. Well, they may not be disease-causing but will sure as hell make a mess out of your night.

As you scratch them, the itches they leave may break the skin, making way for a possible infection.

So, are you a victim of these ruthless biters and wondering, “How do I get rid of bed bugs?” The following tips will come in handy for you.

👉 1. Kill The Bugs In The Bedding And Bedroom Furniture

These organisms love much-hidden parts of the house. The bedding is their favorite hiding place. So, ensure that you strip the bedding and seal them in an air-tight bag. This reduces their spread by preventing their escape.

You should then wash the bedding in hot water to kill the bugs. You can proceed and dry them using high heat. This method works because the pests cannot survive in hot conditions.

Apart from the bedding, your bed and drawers may be infested too. Hence, look for all the possible hiding places and expose them to hot conditions.

👉 2. Clean Your Room With Steam

Because you may not know the extent of the infestation, ensure you steam clean the entire room.

Bed bugs usually hide in cracks, crevices, and folds. Using steam to clean such areas will kill their eggs as well. Items such as books, luggage or shoes can be clean using a portable bed bug cleaner.

👉 3. Kill The Bugs Using Insecticide

Mix bed bug insecticide and then spray the areas that are infested with the pests. Be thorough enough to ensure that you move to the next place or item only after the previous one is dry with no sign of bugs. This ensures that you kill all the culprits.

A recommended product that you can spray on these bed bugs is Bedroom Guardian. It’s only sold online but the shipping is fast and the product is very effective.

👉 4. Finally, Fill The Cracks And Crevices With Powder And Spray

You’re never so sure you got rid of all the bed bugs in your room. To prevent any remaining eggs from hatching and raiding you again, you can use either residual or contact sprays, or both.

Also, apply residual powder to kill more of them as well as prevent further infestation.

If you are asking how can i get rid of bed bugs? There you go.

These tips will help you deal with the insects. You will be able to take back the control of your bedroom and sleep better. But as always, prevention is better than cure. So, go ahead and keep some of the powders and sprays to help you in case of re-infestation.

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