3 Ways to Qualify An Electrician

3 Ways to Qualify An Electrician

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If you have recently decided that you want to do a little home remodeling—and address some electrical issues, in particular—it might be wise for you to consider the following things to find yourself a qualified Ozen Électrique professional for the job.


Every skilled trade involves training.  Some of this training comes through schooling while some of it comes through apprenticeship. And still yet, many professionals continue to learn on the job. No matter how a person trains in their trade, the point is that they have training of some kind. You should prefer that the person you hire has both some vocational training through a trade school, perhaps, as well as apprenticeship experience.  This ensures that they have acquired both a practical, intellectual knowledge of the job as well as some kind of physical, hands-on knowledge.  You can verify such things through degrees and certificates, of course, as well as by asking for references whom you can call.Related image


Obviously, you get experience through training.  Some experience comes from learning in books and classes while other experience comes from getting into the thick of the job.  Of course, it is better to find someone who has a lot of experience.

Not everyone is going to have on-the-job training/experience; and those who do might be a little out of your price range.  In cases like this, references are even more important.  Perhaps they have worked with other contractors or maybe they come as a recommendation from a friend or another tradesman (like a plumber recommending a carpenter, for example).

You can’t judge a person by their schooling or work experience alone. You have to look at the big picture to get a better idea for their qualifications.


While training and experience can be somewhat flexible, you should not be flexible on licensing. Always make sure that the people you hire to work on your home are licensed and bonded. Like a driver’s license, an electrician (or plumbing, etc) license is a type of guarantee that this person has received adequate training and has fair experience to perform a satisfactory job.  

In terms of electricians, though, the license can also have a rating. This rating will tell you how much coursework they may have studied and how much experience they have on the job, as well as which examinations they might have passed.  The better electricians license rating, then, the more confident you should be in their abilities.

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