3 Tips to Make Your Own Zen Garden at Your Home

3 Tips to Make Your Own Zen Garden at Your Home

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If you want to create a quiet relaxing place at your home where you can rest after a long day of work, the one and only thing you need to do is some backyard landscaping. If you want to do it by yourself rather than paying a company to get it done you can use these three tips.

Clean up and play with paving stones

First clean your backyard. Next get some paving stones from a local dealer and arrange it according to any tessellated pattern you like. Also don’t forget to have little turf separating the paving stones. Give the grass some leveling first next place the paving stones on top of them to make it more outstanding.

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Convert everyday problems to opportunities

If you have a leaking pipeline that drenches your back yard all the time try converting it into a water feature or a bird bath. To do this, take some rocks and coconut husks and color them. Next keep them around in a circle , placing some turf and mosses in-between, then fix a log vertically at the middle of the circle and fix the tray on it with a small hole so that it will never overflow.

Then arrange the tray to be filled whenever the pipe leaks. Or you can build the setup of a natural water spring. Likewise use your imagination. So now whenever you hear the pipe leaking you will have no worries and instead you can relax and listen to the whisper of water.

Build a pergola to add a grand look

If the surrounding looks gloomy fit a pergola to it in the form of an arch. Let few vines of ivy run along it, next place a garden chair near it. Finally sit on that chair and have a look at the royal backyard you have made for yourself.

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