3 Reasons to Invest in a New Bathroom

3 Reasons to Invest in a New Bathroom

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Thinking of investing in a new bathroom? Here are just three reasons why doing so could provide you with far more than just a stylish space in which to shower or enjoy a relaxing bath.

  • Add Value to Your House

Replacing an old bathroom, especially one with a coloured suite or which is lacking a shower adds 2.88 % value to a property on average, and as discussed in more detail via the Telegraph Newspaper article: Phil Spencer’s Top 20 Ways to Add Value to Your Home.

Meanwhile, to add even more value to your home and as well as convenience invest in the addition of an en suite or additional bathroom. Adding a new and additional bathroom to a property can boost its resale potential by just over double that of replacing an existing bathroom suite, as explained here via the This is Money website.

  • Make a House a Home

Personalising a bathroom can prove difficult. This is not a space or room after all for scattering cushions, getting creative with furnishings or hanging pictures. That said, a bathroom being the room in which the bath is located it is also a place that needs to be carefully configured and made to be peaceful, relaxing and personal. After all, it is likely to be the only room in the house to feature a lock on the door and is as such where millions of us sneak off (perhaps with a glass of wine or beer) to recharge our batteries, unwind and generally de-stress after a long day.

Then, one fantastic way to create a space in which to do all that is to really ‘splash out’ and have a new bathroom designed for you by a specialist company and team such as Milton Keynes bathroom specialists, Aston Designs. This permits home owners to really ensure their bathroom is everything they need it to be and more; it turns a functional space into a favourite and much loved one as those using it can enjoy knowing that they are not laying back in a tub used a million times before by, let’s face it, complete strangers! Perhaps most excitingly though, choosing a new bathroom is a fantastic opportunity to inject a personal touch not least when it comes to choosing tiles and fixtures, as well as a new suite.

Hence, before putting all thoughts of replacing the bathroom on the back burner and instead tackling the bedroom or living room, take a moment to ask yourself which room it might in fact actually pay to get sorted first – especially taking into account the fact that re-doing the loo is likely to add value to our property, unlike forking out for that bedroom suite or new dining room set.

  • Make Your Home Work for You

Replacing a bathroom isn’t always about ripping out an avocado tub or salmon suite. Nor is it always about replacing an existing suite with one a person or family simply prefer. Sometimes the difference between keeping an existing bathroom suite and replacing it can literally prove the difference between being able to remain in your home.

Fortunately, in 2016, fewer people than ever before who are facing this situation need find themselves living the reality. Rather, there are today many ways to replace or even just adapt a bathroom within a person or family’s home in order to make it usable by all members, including those with disabilities or who are no longer as young as they once were.

For more information about adapting or replacing a bathroom intended to be used by an elderly or disabled person or family, the Age UK website features several useful guides, as well as information on how to afford and potentially fund a bathroom overhaul when done to create a usable space for somebody disabled or elderly.

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