3 Pests That Wreak Havoc on Your Home Structure

3 Pests That Wreak Havoc on Your Home Structure

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Home is a nest of comfort, luxury and above all, peace for you. It is probably the largest investment for majority of us. The worst nightmare for many homeowners is spontaneous discovery of some harmful insects snacking on the structure of their lovely nests. The mere thoughts of beetles or termites making picnics at your home will cost you several sleepless nights, especially if you are unaware of the kinds of pests causing structural damages to your building. It is important for you to know that dry, painted and sturdy wood is usually not a target for the home-destroying creatures.

The Washington pest control company suggests that as a homeowner, you should always be in knowhow of these three pests that cause havoc structural damages of your buildings and furniture as well.

Powder Post Beetles

The beetles have got their name from the powdery waste left by their larvae after feeding on wood they reside in. The material, also called as frass, has baking flour or dust-like consistency. It is stored in larva galleries functioning as feeding channels. The frass will come out of the tunnels in piles and only then, will make their presence felt to the homeowners. The adult beetles create tiny and round holes in the wooden structure and that is another sign to detect their presence at your home.

Hardwood has tiny pores and so is loved by Powderpost beetles for inhabitation. They lay eggs in these pores. The hardwood is rich in starch content compared to softwood. Adult powderpost beetles usually prefer ash, mahogany and oaks to lay eggs. They usually live from three months to one year, depending on the climatic condition and wood quality.

Carpenter Ants

The name is quite fascinating! They can be of different types but that does not matter when it comes to their destroying activities. They are black in color with a dash of red. They live on other insects or organic materials having sugar or protein. They don’t feast on woods, rather they make tunnels in woods for nesting.

After the carpenter ants make tunnels or galleries in wooden structures, they tend to live on sawdust or debris. Their nests cause damages to the woods but the extent of damage depends on duration of their stay in a particular colony. They are not as destructive as the termites but cause considerable damages to the apartments. Therefore, you must address the problem immediately.


Termites cause havoc structural damages to both building and wooden furniture. Of all types of termites, Formosan termites are most dangerous. Due to their aggressive nature, they are usually known as a super variety of these damaging pests. They usually create massive colonies above the basement. The eastern subterranean termite is the commonest kind of termites found in the USA. Due to its abundance, it causes more damages than other varieties in America.

It is very common to get confused between ants and termites. Termites look different from ants as they have straight antennae, uniform abdomen and wings of same length. On the other hand, ants have constricted abdomen, unequal wings and bent antenna.

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