3 Expert Suggestions for Creating an “Oh-So-Perfect!” L-Shaped Kitchen

3 Expert Suggestions for Creating an “Oh-So-Perfect!” L-Shaped Kitchen

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Designing a tiny or petite kitchen is undoubtedly a very challenging task. That is why, most of the people who have small kitchens prefer to hire a kitchen designer who has loads of experience in designing a wide variety of kitchens, irrespective of their sizes. But yes, if you choose a designer, you’ll definitely have to spend a lot of money as their charges are skyscraping. So, if you are ready to splurge much, then hire a designer without giving a second thought. But, in case you are not ready to spend much then, this blog would be your savior because here, I’ve mentioned about the ideal way to design a small kitchen; and that is by incorporating the L-shape layout.

Wondering what an L-shaped layout is? Well, it’s a very versatile layout that consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular, forming a perfect L-shape. However, if you are thinking that installing the cabinets in an L-shape would be more than enough to incorporate this layout in your small kitchen, then you are seriously mistaken.

Below are a few more essential suggestions related to creating an L-shaped Kitchen; so just read on.

Suggestion 1: Go for White Cabinets

Yes, I know that dark colored cabinets are trending. But if you install them in your tiny kitchen, in an L-shaped pattern, it would make your kitchen look even smaller and clumsy. So, never purchase dark colored cabinets; instead, go for the white ones. White kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen look and feel spacious and of course, it’s a classic color. So, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your small kitchen at all.

When you’ll go to purchase white kitchen cabinets, you’ll come across a wide variety of them, and might face trouble making a decision. However, do not worry because I’m going to help you choose the one that’ll be best for creating the L-shaped layout in your tiny kitchen; have a look:

  • Please choose the ones that have glass doors as they’ll create an illusion of a spacious kitchen.
  • Go for RTA cabinets as placing them in an L-shape would be easy for you.

Additional tip: White cabinets generally go well with dark colored walls. But still, I would suggest you go for light colored wall paints only, as they’ll make your small, L-shaped kitchen look a bit more spacious.

Suggestion 2: Plan the Counter Space

For incorporating the L-shaped layout perfectly in your tiny kitchen, make sure you focus on the counter spacing. According to most of the popular designers, the ideal measurement of keeping counter spacing in an L-shaped kitchen is 24 inches of counter space to the right side of the oven and sink, and 18 inches space to the left of these appliances. So, I would suggest you follow this measurement only.

Suggestion 3: Avoid too Many Furniture         

While creating an L-shaped layout in your tiny kitchen, please make sure you keep in mind that you can’t afford to utilize much of the floor space as it will make the kitchen look and feel uncoordinated. So, do not purchase too many furniture. In fact, I would suggest you do not purchase any furniture at all.

  • Additional Tip: Apart from these above-mentioned suggestions, there’s another essential thing that I want to suggest you and that is, do not install any window treatment because in a tiny kitchen having an L-shaped layout, you need to allow some natural light in. Also, add numerous lights.

Now that you have got all the essential suggestions, hope you’ll easily be able to create a perfect, L-shaped layout in your tiny kitchen, and make it look beautiful, spacious and organized? I’m sure you answer is yes, isn’t it? So, waste no more time and go for it! For more tips on kitchen renovation, keep reading my blogs.