10 Ways You’re Making Housekeeping Harder Than It Should Be

10 Ways You’re Making Housekeeping Harder Than It Should Be

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Not everyone loves housekeeping, or is even good at performing the work. Be that as it may, keeping the house clean is imperative in ensuring the health of your household and prolonging the life of your furnishings and other home essentials.

Remember that dirt, grime, dust, mold, and germs can trigger certain health conditions and destroy your belonging when left unaddressed. So as soon as you notice any buildup of grime, dirt, and the like in your home, it’s best to get rid of them immediately.

Many people think house cleaning is a tedious task, but if you know the basics and how to do these right, cleaning can be made a lot easier. This includes knowing what makes cleaning harder to do.

Professional cleaners share that you may be unintentionally doing things that make housekeeping more difficult than it should be. So check and see if you practice these tasks, and make sure to implement the given ways to correct them.

  1. You allow dirt to enter your home

Your home is expected to become dirty if more people are living in it, but this does not mean that you should just openly welcome dirt from outdoors. There are several ways to keep outdoor dust, dirt, and other mess from coming in.

For instance, you should not leave your windows and door wide open if there is a construction project going on within your neighborhood.

Also, make sure that everyone will remove their shoes at the door. Place a shoe bin or rack by the area where everyone can leave their shoes. This way, everyone enters the house shoeless to avoid tracking dirt indoors. You can further prevent outdoor dirt from entering by placing a doormat both inside and outside.

  1. You neglect the “clean-as-you-go” practice

The clean-as-you-go attitude must be practiced by each family member. For instance, teach your kids to clean up all the mess they have made after doing their school projects.

The same is true with cooking – you need to clean the food prep area every after use. Wash all dishes and cooking utensils after eating. Moreover, clean the shower after you have taken a bath.

Whenever possible, make sure that you clean as you go because this ensures that no mess will pile up over time.

  1. Rooms are often used for purposes other than what the room is made for

As much as possible, teach your kids to use rooms only for their intended purpose. If your kids ask if they can eat their meals in the living room while watching their favorite show, you should tell them not to. Of course, be a role model; avoid using your authority and age as excuses to do the same. Eat-in kitchens are for food prep and eating, bedrooms are for sleeping, and so on.

By doing this, no one would be bringing things into a particular room that do not belong there. This will prevent your rooms from looking messy and cluttered.

  1. You are using the incorrect cleaning tools and supplies

If you have been searching for the best cleaning supplies and tools, you may have encountered lots of options. Cleaning experts emphasize that not all cleaning agents are created equal. There are those that work best only in wood surfaces, or metal, or glass.

Thus, you should read the product’s labels and instructions to make sure that you are buying the right cleaning material for the right surface or space. If you are unsure, ask help from professional cleaners.

The same is true with the cleaning tools. A vacuum is an excellent tool to invest in, but remember that not all homes will need one. Some will only need a high-quality broom and dustpan. You do not want to spend your hard-earned money on something that you won’t be using.

  1. You don’t sort your laundry

You need to have separate laundry bins for your white clothes and colored clothes, and an extra bin for those with delicate fabric. Place used clothes in them accordingly. This will help save you a lot of time later on organizing or sorting when it is time to wash them.

  1. Cleaning windows if the sun is too bright

You have to clean your windows early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the day is not too hot. The cleaning agent will easily evaporate if you do this task on a sunny day. By the time you try to wipe it, it has dried up already. Of course, pouring more cleaning agent is not the most practical option.

  1. You don’t follow an efficient cleaning pattern

Cleaning will involve planning so that you won’t keep walking or running back and forth inside your house because you forgot to bring the right cleaning supplies with you.

You should make a list of the cleaning supplies you will need to clean a certain room. Most importantly, you must clean every corner of your home methodically by starting from back to front, top to bottom, and from one room to another. Don’t make it a habit to switch tasks.

The “top-to-bottom” rule, for instance, should strictly be followed. Cleaning the room the other way around will leave the floor dirty again because the dust and dirt you removed on top of your cabinet will fall over the freshly swept floor. This means you should sweep or vacuum the floor again.

  1. You do not set or follow a cleaning schedule

Having a cleaning schedule will guide you in terms of when you should clean each room or appliance again. This should also include booking regularhouse deep cleaning services for more intense cleaning. Remember that if you wait too long, more dirt, grime, and germs will be accumulated. This means that you will be spending more on cleaning resources and more time to get it cleaned.

So make sure to take note of the day when you last cleaned each room and appliance. You can use your calendar, or perhaps download usable apps that can even notify you if it is time to clean them.

  1. The vacuum is not well-maintained

Make it a habit to clean your vacuum after using it. This includes emptying the vacuum canister. But if it uses a bag, you must change it at least once a month, or weekly if you are using it often.

Aside from that, inspect the brush, because hair and other fabric can get stuck in it. With hair and dirt buildup on the brush, the vacuum becomes less efficient.

You also have to clean its filters. Read through its manual to determine how often you must clean or replace it.

  1. You don’t integrate fun into cleaning

Cleaning is a boring task only if you allow it to be. Know that there are a couple of ways to make housekeeping fun and enjoyable. For instance, play upbeat songs or put on a comedy show you have already watched while cleaning so you can hear it in the background. If you do so, you won’t even notice that you are already finished with your housekeeping.

Are you guilty of making any of these common housekeeping mistakes? Now is the time to get rid of such habits to make house cleaning easier and entertaining.


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