10 of the Most Annoying Insects to Come into Contact With

10 of the Most Annoying Insects to Come into Contact With

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There is nothing worse than being greeted by an annoying insect when you are trying to enjoy yourself inside your home or outside in your yard. While some insects are very beneficial for your yard, they are all annoying and pesky. The votes are in and these are the 10 most annoying insects that may be living inside of your home.

Top Ten Annoying Insects

  1. Mosquito
  2. House Fly
  3. Earwig
  4. Cockroach
  5. Tick
  6. Yellow Jacket
  7. Ant
  8. Termite
  9. Bed Bug
  10. Cricket

It should come as no surprise that a mosquito tops the list of the most annoying bugs. Mosquitoes can take over your yard during the summer months. People who live near sources of water can be especially bugged by mosquitoes in their yards. Mosquitoes are annoying but they can also be a cause for concern. In recent years, more reports of west nile virus have been reported due to bites from mosquitoes.

We all know that there are very few things as annoying as a fly that will not stop buzzing around your head while you are trying to eat dinner at the table. House flies are some of the most annoying insects out there that tend to take over people’s homes.

Earwigs can be frightening to young children who take their names very seriously. It seems as though earwigs grow in number very quickly one they enter your home. Earwigs are especially ugly bugs that make your home feel dirty.

Of course a yellow jacket makes the list of most annoying insects. A sting by a yellow jacket is sure to leave your little child crying for hours. Their bits is very painful and will make your furious. A yellow jacket is even more annoying than a fly to many people as they can bring you a great amount of pain if you make them mad.

Ants make homeowners feel dirty. Walking into hundreds of ants in a pile on your kitchen floor is sure to gross you out and make you feel filthy. While small, black ants are rather harmless, they do make a mess and are a big irritant.

Termites are not good. An infestation of termites in the wood of your home can result in thousands of dollars of damage to the structure. Termites will eat away at wood until it is literally gone. There is nothing more annoying than having to spend your savings on a new structure that silly little bugs ate.

To finish up the list we have a cricket. Have you been tucked into bed before only to be awoken by the creaking of a cricket? You are almost sure to not be able to fall back asleep for hours once you have noticed a cricket in your home.

These bugs are all very annoying and destructive. If you find annoying insects living inside of your home, you should call Pointe Pest Control to come and remove them. Pest control companies are well trained and can remove annoying pests once and for all.


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